Truth Behind The Unhygienic Food Served To College Students !

Rich in calories, fat, and salt, low in healthy nutrients, greasy foods have both short- and long- term health outcomes

This Oil-Loaded Vada Is The ‘Dangerous Food In World’, Not Our Words

Not only fast food restaurants, but also offices, restaurants, schools, and probably even your soft home include oily foods. The majority of fried foods and those that are cooked in too much oil are referred to as greasy foods. These consist of french fries, potato chips, deep-dish pizza, onion rings, cheeseburgers, and doughnuts and many South Indian delicacies as well. All of the foods fit in this category are calorie – rich, fatty, salty and carbs with the refined content the majority but they are low in vitamins, minerals and fibers.

A Tale Of An Oily Sambar vada And A College Student!

The first thing that come to my mind that college hostel food were eithr few dishes options or monotonus and constant worry about the cleanliness! Only recently did it surface in a wave of sensation when one hostel resident Suganth narrated a horrific tale about the hostel food he was provided. In the now-deleted video Suganth was served South Indian delicacy which is Sambhar Vada with coconut chutney. The scene was shot of him between the vada drowned in sambhar but instead of sambhar, the oil flowed from it. The text in the video says, “Hostel food”, tagging the face icon with a woozy emoticon. The caption that accompanied the video was: “My Hostel Vadai” As for now, the user had deleted the video. Previously in the post, the video got infamous on the internet and was viewed over 37 million times, the statistics claim. This had started a storm as the people who visited the post reacted all in the comment section.

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Hilarious Comments To The Video –

As per NDTV, a user said, “Same problem with my company’s food,” and another one has played a trick saying, “Dangerous food in the world.” After 1 month of taking oil out of each wada, a person will own an oil factory and will be able to provide rations too. “Just like that!” This is how a guy jokingly wrote in the comment section.Some users made sarcastic remarks, “99 missed calls from a heart attack. Another witty comment read, “Cholesterol: Well, I just want to say that I am coming. A person has said one sentence – There is some fry in your oil. Many of them got a great shock upon realizing the quantity of oil as one user remarked, ” I can cook a kg chicken with that oil.” Another user added, ” What is that oil? It seems you can make 5 dosa from that Vada.”

Why do we even bother sharing tales of our hostel food problems, when the stories are never-ending?

Here is more to the previous stories shared by a college student . Not long ago, a devastating event occurred at the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) in Bhubaneshwar. A student Aaraynsh posted an upsetting image on the social media platform X (Formerly Twitter) where he found a dead frog in the hostel food.His caption highlighted that parents spend Rs 17.5 lakhs to get an engineering degree for their child, but this was the food quality being offered in the college hostel. “Going to other countries for these things, then we start to question the logic of sending our own students abroad for better studies and facilities,” he concluded.Embedding of the post have provoked endless waves of indignation and incomprehension in people on social media platforms.

Rich in calories, fat, and salt, low in healthy nutrients, oily foods have both short- and long- term health outcomes, and are the most dangerous food in the world. The video displayed Suganth indiscriminately squeezing out his sambhar-soaked vada, but in its place excess oil is dripping out, questioning the worst quality food served to students and working professionals.

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