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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Update: Shobha Shetty Faces Risk in Finale Month

Shobha Shetty's dwindling votes hint at a possible exit in Week 14. Stay updated on Bigg Boss Telugu 7's intense finale month.

Week 13 Results: Shetty’s Low Votes Risk Exit in Bigg Boss Telugu 7’s Finale Month

In the latest voting results for Week 13 of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, Pallavi Prashanth holds the lead, securing the top position for two consecutive weeks. However, the current voting trends suggest Shobha Shetty might face elimination this week due to receiving the least number of votes.

With the season nearing its finale, the housemates engaged in the final nomination event. Among the seven remaining contestants, six are at risk of elimination in Week 14.

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The voting standings for Week 13 are as follows:

  1. – Pallavi Prashanth: 36.95%
  2. – Sivaji: 19.05%
  3. – Prince Yawar: 18.83%
  4. – Amardeep: 17.7%
  5. – Priyanka: 5.63%
  6. – Shobha Shetty: 2.47%

These results indicate Shobha Shetty is at risk, ranking lowest among the nominated contestants. For a detailed breakdown of the voting percentages, refer to the list above.

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About Bigg Boss Telugu 7

‘Bigg Boss Telugu 7’ airs on Star Maa during weekends at 9 p.m. and on weekdays at 9:30 p.m. Eliminations take place during the weekend episodes. Several contestants have bid farewell to the show in previous weeks, including Kiran Rathore, Shakeela, Damini, Rathika, Subhashree Rayaguru, Aata Sandeep, Tasty Teja, Nayani Pavani, Pooja Murthy, Bhole Shavali, and Ashwini Sri.

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Stay tuned for the latest developments as the competition intensifies in the final stretch of Bigg Boss Telugu 7.

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