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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Update: Friendship Tensions Rise as Priyanka’s Gratitude Upsets Amardeep

Tensions soar as Priyanka's gesture irks Amardeep, impacting friendships. Amardeep dominates the points table, hinting at a thrilling Finale Astra conclusion on Bigg Boss Telugu 7

Friendship Tested and Tension Rises in Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Finale Astra Race Nears Its Conclusion, Know all chaos here!

In a whirlwind of emotions during the latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, contestant Priyanka faced a tough challenge in the Finale Astra race. She showed gratitude towards Gautham by sharing half of her points, but this gesture didn’t sit well with fellow contestant Amardeep. Their friendship hit a rough patch as Priyanka’s decision added strain to their bond, especially after a previous incident where Amardeep snatched her ball.

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The aftermath of these events also affected Priyanka’s friendship with Shobha Shetty, creating tension within their trio. The once strong friendship is now going through a tough time due to the twists and turns of the Finale Astra task.

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The episode showcased two crucial tasks where Pallavi Prashanth and Prince Yawar excelled in the first task, while Arjun and Amardeep claimed victory in the second. After five tasks, Amardeep took the lead on the points table, holding a significant 90-point margin over others. He stands as the potential winner of the Finale Astra.

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The final results are set to be revealed in the upcoming episode, promising an intense and thrilling climax to this leg of the competition. As viewers eagerly await the unfolding drama, the fate of the Finale Astra race remains uncertain, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

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