6 interesting Posts on Shiva by Shiv- Shakti page that you should read

Sawan Special: 6 Interesting Posts on Shiva by Shiv- Shakti Page that are a must-read

One of the most auspicious months according to Hindu Calendar, Sawan began on July 25, 2021. Also known as Shravan, the month comes after Aashad, as per the Hindu calendar. It is a special month for the devotees of Lord Shiva. Mondays of Sawan ( Sawanke Somvaar)  are super special, worshippers keep fast on all  Mondays of the month to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva. During the month of Sawan, people avoid eating non –veg and don’t drink alcohol. There are several other rituals that devotees follow this entire month. One of them is Rudra Abhishek- Here is why Rudra Abhishek is dearest to Shiva. We will also explore other 6 interesting posts on Shiva that everyone should know.

Shiva is the epitome of eminence, destruction, preeminence, and demolition. He is worshipped in various forms and for endless reasons. Here are 5 interesting stories of Shiva that every devotee should know.

Why he loves Rudra Abhishek?

Rudra Abhishek Puja is dearest to Lord Shiva’s Rudra avatar as per Hindu Vedas. Typically, the Puja is performed to please the destroyer form of Shiva that is – Rudra. The puja involves offering milk, ghee, curd, honey, and mustard oil to Shivling. It is performed to bring well-being, happiness, good luck and, good health.  The sacred puja beings endless love, bliss, and removes all hurdles from life. As per the ancient book tales, Lord Rama too performed Rudra Abhishek right before the battle of Ramayana to seek Lord Shiva’s blessings.

His Rudra form is unstoppable. It is the destroyer form of Lord Shiva where is aggressive, violent, fierce yet noble.

A deeper understanding of Shiva

Shaa + ee +va – Sha Stands for Shreeram or body, ee stands for eeshwari or life-giving energy. Va stands for Vayu or motion.  Lord Shiva represents the body with life and motion.  If ee is removed from Shiva, then it will become Shav ( dead body). Shiva is all-encompassing – the Universal Soul or consciousness. Realizing this Tattva of Shiva leads to Ananda or bliss.

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Mahadev is beyond death, doubts and divisions

When you hold Mahadev’s hand there is no fear. His devotees are fearless. They work hard and leave everything on Mahadev because he knows everything. Mahadev is known for protecting his devotees from evil.

Devo Ke Dev – Mahadev

Mahadev is known as the supremely calm God in Hindu. He is termed Mahadev which means Gods of Gods.  Out of all Gods Shiva is termed as Devo Ke Dev. Shiva has a total of 1008 names and is worshipped in different parts of the country. According to Sanskrit, Shiva is an adjective that means auspicious, Kind, and Gracious.

Woman Completes a man – Just like Shakti completes Shiva

Shiva is incomplete without Shakti – To simply put, without Shakti Shiva is Shav. Ardhnarishvara is the androgynous form of the Shiva and his consort Parvati (Shakti). However, there is a much deeper significance of the Ardhnarishvara incarnation for this form signifies the interdependence of Nature and Man – Man and Woman. It is said that a Woman completes a Man.

God is the Ultimate Truth

God is the ultimate truth and everything that is happening in this world is because of him. God has created everyone and he is supporting all by providing them food and shelter.

Peace comes from within

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it outside. Money doesn’t guarantee peace. Shiva teaches us the power of meditation and seeking peace within.

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