Eat or not to eat curd during monsoon

“Eating curd in monsoon gives you cold and cough” is an old-age belief. Is there any fact behind it? Let’s find out

Curd is one of the essential items in our platter. It always tastes and benefits in an entirely different way depending on which season you are having it. Well, there is no major debate about eating it in summers or winters but, as soon as the monsoon arrives it brings a deluge of myths and facts about what to eat and what not to eat. A similar kind of myth is there which is associated with eating curd during the rainy season.

Eat or not to eat curd during monsoon

Myth: eating curd in monsoon gives you cold and cough

Curd During Monsoons – A Big No-No!

Debunking the myth, it is always suggested to have curd. Curd is a useful meal during the monsoon as it contains probiotics that enhance our body’s well-being and help in avoiding abdomen infections during monsoon. It is full of vitamin D, calcium, protein and has healthy gut bacteria in it.

 There is no doubt that curd is rich in nutrition and will benefit you if you include it in your daily diet plan.

 Curd is a great probiotic which makes it good for your gut.

 It contains special nutrients and proteins that control high blood pressure.

 1. Good for digestion.

Curd is a storehouse of good bacteria and beneficial bacteria. It aids digestion. It also improves absorption of lactose with mild and moderate lactose intolerance. It also balances different acid levels in your stomach.

If you add curd to other food items also it will make their digestion simpler.

 2. Stronger immunity:

The live active cultures found in yogurt keep your gut and intestinal tract protected. It also fights against disease-causing germs.

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 3. Healthy and Beautiful skin

Eat or not to eat curd during monsoon

Curd has a moisturizing effect on your skin and it heals your dry skin naturally. A lot of people face the issue of acne in the rainy season due to certain gastrointestinal problems.

Curd aids in marinating an active and happy gut which leads to healthy skin. Yogurt is an excellent beauty component for face packs too. It has lactic acid in it that acts as an exfoliator and clears off all dead cells and blemishes.

 4. Reduces high blood pressure:

Research conducted at the High Blood Pressure Research Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association (AHA) proved that people who ate more non-fat yogurt have more than 30% percent fewer chances to develop problems of high blood pressure compared to those who are not curd lovers. The special proteins in yogurt along with nutrients like magnesium and potassium help in promoting a healthy heart and lowering high blood pressure.

5. Prevents Vaginal Infections.

Eating plain, unflavoured yogurt with no added sugars as a part of your daily diet can do wonders. Probiotic plain yogurt contains lactobacillus and healthy bacteria that help fight the yeast.

 6. Good for the bones.

Your body needs at least 1000mg of calcium every day. So, add curd at your lunchtime. It is good for your bones and teeth.

7. Helps in losing weight

The amino acids present in the curd helps in burning fat. It works like magic especially for belly fat and around the thighs. Including curd in breakfast reduces food cravings.

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