World Photography Day: 5 pictures that show the incredible diversity in India

Celebrate this World Photography Day by exploring new heights of your photography skills

World Photography Day is celebrated on August 19 every year so that people worldwide can express their feelings through the art of photography. The aim of the day is to hold discussions about photography and encourage interested people to pursue a career in photography. Also, people who have inspired others to become photographers are remembered today.

There is a photographer hidden in almost all of us. Don’t believe us! Look at your Instagram handle, filled with beautiful landscapes, shots of yummy foods, selfies from the perfect angle, and many more. While celebrating World Photography Day by exploring new heights of your photography skills, look at the 5 best pictures showing India’s incredible diversity.

Come All Ye Faithful

  1. India is a country of more than 19,500 mother tongues, and it is said that language changes in India every 15 to 20 kilometres at the level of communicative styles. This image by Meena Kadri shows a street sign indicating the complexity of communication across languages in the country.

2. The image was captured by Arunesh Mishra, a travel photographer who found this fantastic portrait in Varanasi. The image beautifully captures the essence of Hinduism in the city.

3. In the picture, we could see four beautiful women performing the classical dance of India Bharatanatyam. It is an effective form of classical dance nurtured in the temples and courts of the southern part of India since ancient times.

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4. The image of two beautiful Nagaland girls is a testament to the diversity of our country. If we have tall buildings in cities, we also have century-old traditions and culture.

jumping for me

5. The image shows which swimming pool poor children relish. The photographer PEE VEE wrote in the caption of this image that the image was taken in a small fishing hamlet, Thalankuppam, which is around 2o kilometres from Chennai.

“India is a kaleidoscope of cultures that includes umpteen variations in food, clothing, language, music, and religious beliefs. This colourful spread has been shaped by this land’s long history and unique geography. Though cut off from the world by three oceans and the highest chain of mountains, this peninsula has been invaded repeatedly through the almost inaccessible mountain passes. Besides more than four hundred main languages, there are thousands of others, including dialects that are distinctly different from each other.” The caption says it all. Tricky Travellers captures the beautiful moments encountered in their voyage.

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As the word ‘visarjan’ implies, on this day, immersion (‘visarjan’ means immersion) of Lord Ganapati’s idol takes place in a river, sea, or water body. This festival is not only celebrated by Hindus. In Maharashtra, you see people from all castes, races, and religions participating in the Varsarjan procession, giving primary goals on what a diverse country should look like.

We are at such a time in the era that everything we do revolves around taking out our phones and snapping a good memory. The main motive behind this day is to inspire millions across the globe to share their love with one purpose- “to share their world with the world.”

The whole point behind this is to understand the life of someone through their lenses. We wish you a Happy World Photography Day and hope that you, too, become a part of the world with your photos.

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