World Creativity and Innovation Day: How to Deal with the Creativity block in the Pandemic Age?

It World Creativity and Innovation Day and we can’t forget to talk about How to Deal with the Creative block in the Pandemic Age?

Every year, 21st April is seen as World Creativity and Innovation Day in order to inspire and enable people to get out of their bubble and live a more creative life. But for a fact, creativity is not a permanent asset. Sometimes, one can be very creative, and the other times, face their creative block. While there are several ways to keep creativity alive, and one very common way people suggest is planning a holiday to your favourite destination. But with the new normal, this can’t really be a suggestion. While we are one year into the pandemic, and seeing the lockdown being imposed again, creative block is likely to happen, and a getaway trip can’t even be a solution for it. But then how to deal with the creative block in the pandemic age? Here are the answers.

World Creativity and Innovation Day, How to Deal with the Creativity block in the Pandemic Age?

How to Deal with the Creative block in the Pandemic Age?


1. Create a routine for yourself and strictly follow it

The first thing that creative block comes with is laziness and procrastination. And if you have to deal with it, you really need to push yourself towards creating and following a certain kind of routine. See for yourself, which part of the day you remain to be in a more active and sound mental state and align your work there.

2. Check the work you have done previously

Checking your previous work can help you in ways you wouldn’t have thought. Checking your previous work is very good for boosting morale and finding the motivation to create again. It is really good for your self-esteem. It can give you a sense of validation that even if you are not able to create right now, but you are a creative person who has created all the artworks present right now, and there will be a time when you will be back with the same form.

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3. Set Small Goals

Okay, this is very important. Take it slow and step by step. Creating something is a combination of your art and craft. You can struggle with the art, the idea, but the craft (the technique) is what you have known ever since you started creating. Set small goals for yourself, experiment with your art and use your craft to execute it.

4. Give your work station, a makeover

Well, your workstation should be full of motivation. It should be a space where you feel the most comfortable. So, indulge yourself in giving a makeover to your workstation. Decorate it with quotes, photographs, and anything and everything that inspires you. And well, while the lockdowns are back, it would be more difficult to manage to have a personal space. So, try to find out the corner at your home where you are most comfortable and make your workstation there.

5. Give time to be in the right mental space

Well, creativity can only survive in the right mental space. Pandemic has really put the world in fear and trauma and not able to get the right mental space is completely okay. Don’t rush into creating stuff, it is pandemic and you do need mental space to process.

6. Trust the Process

Not able to be creative is a part of the process of being creative. While sometimes you can be in the need to be creative, other times, you need to tell yourself to not force creativity and just trust the process. You will find the right inspiration soon and will be able to be creative again, soon.

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