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Protecting Soon-to-be Moms at Workplace: 5 Rules for Working Pregnant Women

Here are 5 rules for Working Pregnant Women. Let us show some Humanity!

Working pregnant women: Being pregnant is a blessing to a woman. At that moment of time, they need to be pampered, taken care of and need a hard rock support, especially when they are working. Protecting pregnant women from workplace dangers can also end up with illegal discrimination.

How to recognize Discrimination?

When the employer changes the assignment or removes a woman from the job because she’s pregnant or might be pregnant without a specific accommodation request or agreement from the employee, the employer can face the claim of gender or pregnancy discrimination. Any kind of force shouldn’t be applied to the pregnant worker regarding the assignment of work or removal of the duty. They should be given the right to extent of choosing their work, keeping in mind the health issues.

Rights that should be kept in mind of Mamas-to-be, before entering the workplace:

5 Rules for Working Pregnant Women

As far as woman lawyers are concerned or the one who has faced any problem in the workplace, not many of you must be aware of the rights at the workplace.

1.  Be aware of the rights

Neither your boss or anyone from the HR department would know about your condition better than you’ll do. Some laws are complicated and are really complex to be remembered the individuals. Even the well-intentioned human resource professionals are unable to remember some laws. Pregnant women can look at the employee manual to get the information in details to know their rights. For a detailed study, The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission website can be a great source.

2. Inform the boss about the Pregnancy

You need to tell your boss about your pregnancy to escape from emergency situations. There is no need for a detailed letter but after you inform them, an e-mail will do. When the employer will be informed, then you’ll not feel a sudden change in his behavior towards your work.  While you are pregnant, you cannot be sure of your health. For example, early morning sickness can force you to take leave for a day and if notified already about the pregnancy, you can get leave under some law.

3. Plan for the Leaves

Keeping aside the personal issue for a while, it is always the loss for a company if an employee takes a sudden off from the work. In emergency conditions, there’s no big deal but for the due dates, the leave must be taken before 30 days. A similar thing goes with your partner too, h should also talk to his boss about the leave. Leave for pregnant women should include the span after the child is born, to build the bond.

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4. Be clear with the Accommodations

Giving birth is never an easy task. If your doctor’s note is saying positively about your each and every condition, then there is a chance that you haven’t told him about each of your problems. Get to know about every little detail and problems facing while working and you can show it to the boss asking for the favorable accommodations. Let them know the inconvenience to them is for a temporary period of time.

5. Stand for Yourself

There is no one to understand your condition better than yourself. If you feel then you are being discriminated then report it. Always try to report in writings, if any wrong happens in future.

Conclusion: Working with Equality

There have been a number of cases where women have been fired or forced to quit the job for following the accommodations provided by their doctors. In an analysis, only 5% of women in the workforce are pregnant in any year and many of them are able to work for the whole time of their pregnancies. Such a small number wouldn’t affect much to the company if they take leave for their health issues. We all should join campaigns to protect the maximum number of pregnant women from the hazardous environment of their workplace.

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