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Women’s Day Gift Ideas: 13 Oh-So-Awesome Presents you’ve Really Got To See!

Don’t Forget to Woo her: Here are some creative gift ideas for Women’s Day

There are so many women in our lives – sisters, wives, girlfriends, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, and friends – the list goes on and on. Every lady you know has a unique trait, hobby or personality that defines her. And this International Women’s Day, we are going to celebrate this uniqueness of hers. How? By getting her a gift that resonates with her personality, of course! We are going to find something thoughtful to appreciate her presence and loads of happiness she brings with her vibrant energy. Something that makes her say, ‘You know me so well!’ 

So move over, bouquets & chocolate boxes! From cute decor pieces to personalized jewellery pieces, the below list contains a fresh selection of unique gifts that will be cherished for years to come! While some of these are expensive standalone pieces, others can work as cute little add ones. But in the end, each one is a unique present that complements a one-of-a-kind lady. 

Come, let’s take a look!

01. For the Wise Womaniya

She’s hootiful. She’s im-peck-able. And she’s owl-ways there for you. The wise woman you go to for advice (after f#@$-ing things up, of course) needs to know how much you value her in your life. An owl-themed gift like this fridge magnet set does precisely that by symbolizing her knowledge, wisdom and caring nature adorably.

02. For the Domestic Diva

Let’s be honest! We’d all be living like animals – eating from paper plates, wearing dirty clothes and sitting on dusty furniture – if it weren’t for the homemaker aka the backbone of a family. With exceptional domestic skills, she transforms a house into a humble abode. The home is her stage, and she loves moves around on it with grace and sophistication, elevating any understated space to a beautiful corner. A Ballerina sculpture as a Women’s Day gift will surely surprise the day if not have her twirling with delight!

03. For the Quirkiest n the Most Perkiest

We all know a real-life Phoebe Buffay who feels comfortable having weird-ass conversations – from existential issues to hypothetical situations. (If only anyone heard you two talking, you’d both be thrown in a mental asylum). She’s a one-of-a-kind unicorn who keeps your life entertaining with her quirks. Regardless of whether she loves one, wants to look like one, or thinks she is one, here to celebrate her undying, whimsical spirit is this Hearticon Pin. This present is as colourful and vibrant as her cute personality, and it’s what she needs to believe in herself.

04. For the Papa ka Sher Puttar

Brave. Bold. Courageous. This lady has always been the ‘proud son’ her dad always wanted. Just like him, she’s a ferocious creature whose roar is enough to have the cowards fleeing.  Whether it’s your sister, best friend, wife, or even a co-worker, an Encouragement Pendant is the ideal Women’s Day gift for the woman who refuses to bend under pressure. Go ahead choose this gift idea to show your favourite badass woman you admire how awesome she is.

05. For the Ek number ki Dramebaaz

Keep Calm and Be Yourself” – Yeah, this phrase doesn’t work on the lady whose hyperactive imagination is always full of dramatic scenarios. I’m talking about the lady whom you love to death for the fact that her antics keep you entertained. It’s pretty clear; you recognise her ability to put drama into everything, and you want to celebrate it. Great! Then this framed and personalised keepsake is just the present you need!

06. For the Music-Loving Mademoiselle

If the music-lover in your life is anything like mine, then she already has the best songs, instruments & earphones. Not to mention tickets for upcoming band concerts and monthly subscriptions to Saavn or Spotify. Nothing generic is going to cut it here. To give her something she doesn’t already have & will genuinely love, you need something truly unique – this is where this Bluetooth Speaker comes in! Not only does it deliver her favourite music, but it also offers cute aesthetics. And the compact design allows it to become an excellent companion on her keychain.

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07. For the Wonderful Weirdo

Gift buying is never easy, but when there’s a world-class weirdo on your list, it can be worse than trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube with your feet while sucking on a blotter of acid. But fret not! If you’re looking for a cute item that acknowledges the adorable eccentricity of someone you know, then this cow figurine has got your back. Not only does it make udder sense, but it’ll make the woman feel herd and hopefully mooo-ve her heart.

08. For the Bindaas Babe

How can we talk about women and not focus on that lady who’s mastered the subtle art of not giving a f#@k? You know, the one who is  bindaas nature and devil-may-care attitude makes her the envy of all eyes? Not to mention, the best companion ever! A bright, customized jacket is the perfect Women’s Day gift for her colourful soul. She isn’t afraid to express her style; so the more colourful, the better.

09. For the Fashion Fanatic

Looking for a gift for someone who reads Vogue religiously and dreams of attending Paris Fashion Week? Whose phone gallery is full of pictures featuring gorgeous garbs? And whose favourite pastime is refreshing her wardrobe? A breathable cotton cape shrug is the best Women’s Day gift for the woman whose life is too short to wear boring clothes. Perfect for winters, summers, formal occasions, casual outings and more, it’s a total thumbs up that not just complements but amps up her style quotient.

10. For the Sentimental Sista from Another Mista

Question – what do you get a lady who knows the real value of memories? Why a Photo Frame Ferris Wheel, of course! It could feature her favourite Instagram pictures, family photos, or Polaroid-style snaps. Or, it could feature motivational quotes to help kick start her day or beat the Monday – Sunday blues. Either way, this Women’s Day gift, she’ll have a whale of a time spinning it and revisiting the good ‘ol days.

11. For the Globetrotting Gal

We all know that one lady who’s always hopping on a plane, train or ferry to explore a new destination. Well then, the best way to complement her wander lusting soul would be something that helps fill her travel bucket list, don’t you think? Like, say this Scratch off World Map Poster. From backpacking to sailing to rafting, she can now record a lifetime of adventures by scratching off where she’s already been. The gold foil top layer on the map will reveal a bright and colourful world underneath.

12. For the Humble Highness

Truth be told, we’ve all been in a situation where we’ve let our success, wealth, good looks or an accomplishment mess with our heads. It was in those times that someone close to us taught us the virtue of humility. If this person happens to be a lady you know well, then Women’s Day 2020 is the perfect time to thank her. This keychain will help you bestow the crown of modesty that she’s definitely worthy of wearing.

13. For the Chic Chick

The sweltering heat of Indian summer is brutal on the skin and the eyes. Unless the special lady in your life is some superhero who can stare at the sun without blinking, she needs something that’ll shield her eyes and earn her lots of compliments. This is where sunglasses come in! These are just as much of a wardrobe staple for winter as they are for summer. From futuristic structured frames to retro round shapes, there’s something in the mix for everyone — and every budget.

So, these were 13 unique gift ideas for 13 different women. Did you like this post? Hit that ‘Like’ button and let me know. Even better, fire up the comment section; share any personality I missed, and I’ll update this post with a cool gift idea for her.

Wishing you ladies a Happy Women’s Day 2020.  We will be back with more thoughtful gift ideas.

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