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Women Talk

Breaking the societal shackles, Shivani sets herself onto a never-ending expedition!

Shivani has over 34.1K followers Instagram and has now become the youth icon

In a world where women are often told what they can do and cannot, Shivani Singh, a solo traveller is breaking the stereotypes. For Shivani, her passion for travelling has not only empowered her as a woman but also taught her to deal with tough unprecedented circumstances.

What inspired this young girl from a small city of Uttar Pradesh, Saharanpur, to embark on this beautiful solo journey to venture around the world. Her passion has been exploring, listening to locals’ stories, and her immense love for mountains and nature.

Shivani holds a post-graduate degree in English literature and has a double MBA in marketing and HR. Before packing her bags to leave on her unknown expenditure, She had moved from Saharanpur to Hyderabad 14 years back.

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Since Shivani hails from an ultra-conservative family that has not seen many girls going for long solo travels, Shivani, decided to let her dreams die. But her passion kept burning inside her and this young girl kept on working day and night to equip herself with every skill she would need on her unknown expedition.

Shattering societal stereotypes, Shivani sat on the unending adventure of her life and travelled to 24 countries, where 146 are still left to be explored.

The girl who finds solace in travelling also shares about her adventures with her social media fans. She keeps her followers updated with her recent ventures and educates them about the geographical, cultural, social and biological-diversity of those places.

To tell the world about her expeditions, Shivani started to write blogs about her adventurous journeys. In 2015, she made her travelling blog where she would put informative and entertaining stories about her wanderings. Her stories have been published in many magazines and have also been broadcasted on many channels.

Solo travelling has not only made her an effective decision-maker but has also turned her into an active promoter of responsible travelling. Shivani has been actively participating to minimize human impact on the environment and also to preserve the local cultures and traditions.

With over 34.1k followers on Instagram, Shivani has now become the youth icon for many. This solo traveller has set herself free from the orthodox chains of the society and has become an inspiration for a lot of young girls.

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