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Pregnancy Alert- Which supplements do you need during pregnancy?

In addition to being rich in folic acid and iron, pick a prenatal vitamin which has vitamin D and calcium.Further, look for a vitamin which has these minerals for the development.

Prenatal Vitamins: Which supplements do you need during pregnancy?

All expecting women, however, hope that their pregnancies become healthier and no labor problems scare them. The good delivery and the sound, healthy baby doesn’t require anything more than your body is in a healthy status along with the healthy child development in your body. Therefore what is vital is the pill of good nutrition, prenatal vitamins can supply that extra punch of relevant nutrients for their well being.

Importance of  Prenatal Vitamins –

While pregnant, there is no doubt that many physiological alterations are experienced in the mother’s body in preparation for the baby’s growth and development. Adapting to these changes, for example, will need the additional minerals (like prenatal vitamins such as iron, folic acid, and others) for the welfare of the mother and child to grow well. All of these B vitamins are particularly useful to ensure your baby’s growth and development is healthy; that is why; is important that you choose the right prenatal vitamins. The right prenatal vitamins for your healthy pregnancy are:

Folic Acid

The development of neural tube (which is the tube that separates the brain and spinal cord) is most crucial during the initial stage, and to meet this need folate is very important.Therefore, it decreases the chances of neural tube defects. Along with the folic acid tablets , you can also add   leaves or beans, lentils or any of the other green vegetables to your diet.

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As per  Swapnil Kaushik, the founder of Mom’s Preg-Ladder, stated, “Calcium aids in keeping the bone tough. Your body demands more calcium in the process of developing the skeleton for the child.” Advice is provided for raising the health of your child. The nutritional needs include the addition of plant-based milk versions (like almond or oat) and broccoli, and collard greens for maximum bone strength (the baby’s health).


During pregnancy, the vitamin B12 is the one that completes the formation of red blood cells which are responsible for carrying oxygen to the baby through the maternal blood system. Moreover the lack of iron could ultimately lead to the development of conditions such as Anemia. So long as you are getting an adequate amount of these, adding beans, spinach, collard greens, and tofu to your diet will cover the need for iron in your body.


Although qualities like calcium, iron or folate are thought to be the major nutrients that are needed during pregnancy, magnesium is also an essential element that helps maintain health and well-being. The is an important function aimed at regulating beating of the heart and central cardiovascular system, as well as decreasing chances of getting different heart diseases. You don’t necessarily have to take magnesium as a supplement. You can eat almonds, pumpkin seeds, cashews and avocado to meet your daily body magnesium requirement.

Vitamin D

It is this special nutrient that is responsible for assisting the body to break down calcium and also presents the immunity function of the mother and the baby. Make sure that your prenatal vitamin includes 600 international units of Vitamin D.

In addition to being rich in folic acid and iron, pick a prenatal vitamin which has vitamin D and calcium.Further, look for a vitamin which has these minerals for the development.

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