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Laurel Hubbard is backed by New Zealand PM: Sneak Peek into her inspiring Journey

New Zealand’s first transgender Olympic athlete Laurel Hubbard has created History & why we all should celebrate it?

June is going on now and this month is also called Pride Month. Pride Month commemorates years of struggle for civil rights and the ongoing pursuit of equal justice under the law for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community, as well as the accomplishments of LGBTQ individuals.

Laurel Hubbard became the first transgender (male-to-female) athlete to qualify for the Olympics by lifting a weight of 185 kilograms, securing a ticket for the women’s super-heavyweight category at the Tokyo Games. Hubbard is one of five lifters named in New Zealand’s squad for Tokyo on June 21, 2021. Laurel Hubbard, a transgender living in New Zealand has become the first transgender Olympic athlete. She had converted herself into a woman in her 30’s. She is currently 43 years old and has qualified to become a transgender athlete.

Laurel Hubbard

How did Laurel Hubbard’s journey start?

New Zealand’s Olympic Committee President Keryn Smith has said that Hubbard, who was born a man but had transformed into a woman at the age of 30, had met all the qualification criteria for a transgender athlete. Smith said in a statement, “We know that gender identity in sports is a huge and complex issue that requires striking a balance between human rights and sporting transparency.

As a New Zealand team, we have a strong culture of caring, as well as respect for all.” Hubbard has also competed as a man, but she was qualified to play as a woman because her testosterone level was in line with the International Olympic Committee’s requirements for this relationship. She will compete in the women’s 87 kg weight category at the Tokyo Olympics. In this event, he is ranked 16th in the world.

Do rules allow trans athletes to participate in the women’s category?

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) issued guidelines allowing any transgender athlete to compete as a woman provided their testosterone levels are below 10 nanomoles per litre for at least 12 months before their first competition.

 Laurel Hubbard

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How does she make a  comeback?

Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand President Richie Patterson said Hubbard has made a strong comeback after suffering an elbow injury after the 2018 Commonwealth Games. This injury was also likely to end her career. “Laurel Hubbard has shown a lot of patience and perseverance to come back from injury and has gained the confidence to play on a competitive platform,” he added. Hubbard’s selection, however, was not unanimous as her former teammate Tracy Lambrechas said last month that concerns of a player who was born as a woman were being ignored.

She told TVNZ, “Some female weightlifting players came to me and said this is not right, what can we do? Unfortunately, we cannot do anything because we are told to remain silent whenever we make our point. However, it has been criticized by many, saying that she will benefit from the fact that she has grown up as a man and that it will give her a physical advantage, which will make players born as women troubled by her presence.

Laurel Hubbard was praised for what?

 Laurel Hubbard

Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand president Richie Patterson said Hubbard had shown “grit and perseverance” to return from injury and rebuild her confidence. Laurel Hubbard will also play in the 87+ category for the Tokyo Olympics. In this, she is currently at 16th rank. The New Zealand President of Olympic Weightlifting said Hubbard has worked very hard to get to this point. Even after getting hurt, she worked hard and showed her comeback.

India has inspiring stories as well

In India, too many motivational stories of women are coming out these days. Just a few days ago women in saree were viral all over the internet. This is an 83-year-old woman who has created a sensation on the internet. Her name is Kiran Bai and in this sari, she also does bare feet deadlift without slippers. Grandsons of these grandmothers started uploading their photos and videos on Instagram and they have become famous now. She is based in Chennai and has been interested in sports since childhood.

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