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Hard to believe but Toxic Mothers exist, Here are the signs of a Toxic Mother

Mothers can be toxic too, here are the signs of a toxic mother

Motherhood, the most ideal relation ever known to this planet. We all have this habit of epitomizing this figure of a mother. Motherhood is known and perceived as the most flawless attribute that no one finds right to question. But for a fact, no one is absolutely perfect. Even mothers can be flawed. Even mothers can be toxic. And we have examples of the same.

Mothers can be toxic too, here are the signs of toxic mothers:

Constantly criticizing

The first and the foremost sign of a toxic mother is a constantly criticizing attitude. If she has an image of making you an ideal son/ daughter, and she is always criticizing you for the things you can’t do right, she is that toxic mother.


She doesn’t allow you to go out, gives you the liberty to choose your friends, polices the way you speak and work then she is that controlling toxic mother. Such behavior can’t really be approved.

Guilt-tripping and manipulative

Is your mother someone who makes you go on a guilt trip? Maybe emotionally trigger you for not doing something for her. Or maybe just to make you agree with what she says, she often chooses to manipulate and even blackmail you. If that’s the case, then surely she has those toxic instincts.

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Invalidation of your emotions

Is your mother the one who always tells you that you worry about unnecessary things, emote for things that don’t matter? Does she ever ask you why you are feeling a particular thing instead of invalidating what you are feeling? If not, then that’s another sign of she being the toxic one.

Doesn’t give personal boundaries

Is your mother of the notion that you should always be around her, in front of her eyes. Does she disapprove of you talking to your friends in a personal space? Does she not allow you to be on your own when you are home. If yes, then yes, she is in a way, a toxic mother.

Wants you to fit her theory of perfect children

If your mother with the notion that you need to be the best at everything and for that, she makes you overwork, disapproves leisure time for you and imposes competition for everything in you, then she is the one, the toxic mother.

Doesn’t approve of having a boyfriend/ girlfriend

If your mother always asks you if you have a partner or not, and always fills you with an idea that you are not gonna make a boyfriend/ girlfriend because of her insecurities, then that is a sign of her being toxic. Although it is not always like that. Obviously, there is a certain age for everything and if your mother guides you through to wait for the right time, then she could be right. But if she is disapproving the idea of love and relationships, then it is a red alert.

Wants you to always take her side

Your mother is always in this obsessive need of having you take your side. If she feels extremely bad when you take someone else’s and sabotage her for doing so, then yes, that’s a sign of her being a toxic mother.

Well, these are a few signs that we can spot. And it is not like it makes a mother a bad person, but these things can really affect a child. What’s ‘caring’ for a mother can be ‘control’ for the child and that can be really toxic. There ought to be a balance in parenting as well.

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