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Hockey Sarpanch Inspires Change: Neeru Yadav’s Journey

Neeru Yadav, known as the "Hockey Sarpanch," is celebrated for empowering women, promoting agriculture, and nurturing a girls' hockey team. Her journey inspires change and community development.

Neeru Yadav: Empowering Women, Greening Villages, and Scoring Goals – A Remarkable Journey of Change-Maker ‘Hockey Sarpanch’

Neeru Yadav, renowned as the “Hockey Sarpanch,” made her way to Pune and participated as the guest of honour in MIT University’s Social Leadership Development Program 2023. This annual program at MIT University focuses on educating students about various topics, including women’s empowerment and agriculture. Neeru Yadav was chosen as the chief guest due to her remarkable contributions in these areas.

During the event, Sarpanch Neeru Yadav shared her experiences with the students. She discussed her initiative called “Sachhi Saheli Mahila Agro,” an FPO in her village that provides farmers with affordable fertilizers, seeds, and other agricultural materials. She also mentioned the “Mera Ped Mera Dost” campaign, where 21 thousand saplings were distributed to students and staff in government schools in Buhana tehsil, encouraging them to care for the trees.

Plastic-Free Gram Panchayat

Neeru Yadav further explained her efforts to make her Gram Panchayat plastic-free, which included the establishment of a utensil bank with 5,000 utensils for free use during village functions. She also runs an NGO called the Aditri Foundation, dedicated to the education of underprivileged girls. Neeru Yadav highlighted the success of the girls’ hockey team in her village.

Sports Enthusiast

Both students and faculty members of the university praised Neeru Yadav’s work with resounding applause. In 2020, she became the Sarpanch of Lambi Ahir village in the Buhana subdivision of Rajasthan through the Panchayat elections. Since then, she has used her salary to support girls in hockey by providing coaching and necessary equipment and even had a playground constructed in her village to promote sports among girls.

It’s worth mentioning that Neeru Yadav was also invited as the chief guest in the 15th season of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) due to her outstanding contributions to education and society.

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