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Women Bag Trends: Women’s Obsession With Bags Is Not Going Anywhere, And Here It Is Why

Women bag trends: from the oversized hobos to delicate clutches in shockingly bright colors.

Ask any woman the one object which she’d never dream of stepping out without and you’d get the same response – the handbag, of course! The humble bag has come a long, long way from the modest satchel and the simple totes. With variety being the spicy essence of life, bags are also heading towards this versatile trend. Now, bags come in all shapes, sizes, and shades – right from the oversized hobos to delicate clutches in shockingly bright colors.

Bags, like every other accessory, have to be flaunted within certain style parameters. No, we’re not stopping you from showing off your favorite bag in fluorescent green or curtailing your sense of individualistic style. But, if fashion is high on your mind, then keep in mind the occasion and choose accordingly. Here are a few ways to get your ‘bag basics’ in place.

Big is beautiful

The current trend is veering towards super huge bags which can accommodate anything from your cell phone to a vanity case. Big and beautiful, they are just perfect to carry your little world with you. Fashionable yet irresistible, they are totally, totally functional and apt for each day at the corporate corral. Slouchy hobos in weird hues (think candy pink or lemon yellow!) with mild pleats exude a feminine touch while the classic dome-shaped satchels are elegant without going overboard.

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women bag trends
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Bring on the bling

It’s party time! Wear that attitude on your sleeve, literally speaking. Bags with a glossy finish are perfect to add chutzpah with just the right touch of innocence. Drawstring totes in shades like red, green, mauve, pink, brown, violet, and beige embellished with braids and bows are perfect for those evenings when you wish to look strikingly graceful. Bling is the buzzword these days and bags are sashaying this trend with gusto. Studded with crystals or metallic embellishments and myriad motifs, bags are no longer monochromatic in nature and go beyond their previously drab counterparts. Choose from subtle designs to whacky in-your-face patterns for that naughty yet stylish tweak to your party nights.

Call of the wild

Go exotica! Leather is synonymous with bags and exotic skins in myriad patterns are just too, too hot to ignore. No, you don’t have to splurge a fortune on it – thank God for faux skin! An economic alternative would be to choose a high-quality leather bag with an embossed skin print. Play with different colors, patterns, textures, and prints – rich tones, metallic embellishments, flap pockets, and wild skin prints. Get the snake-skin look or go for the alligator-skin texture to transform your totes, hobos, or clutches into a piece of art. So, get natural and let your wild side unleash its stylish intensity.

A drama in elegance

Designer bags are every woman’s not-so-secret fantasy! Classic styles are timeless and exude an ethereal appeal. A designer bag is not just stylish but is super-handy and breathtakingly beautiful to make you go weak at the knees. Louis Vuitton, Hermès Birkin and Coco Chanel top the list, more so because of their classic chic and practical design.

If you are a woman on the move, then the Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 is your perfect arm candy. Satchel shaped, this classic creation is complete with roomy interiors to accommodate all your daily essentials. Hermès Birkin bags are spacious with a rich, traditional look available in colors like black, white, and a wide range of blues and reds. But, Hermes Birkin bags are extremely exclusive!

Moreover, the lock-and-key is a part of the package to keep your valuables safe. The widely popular Coco Chanel 2.55, first introduced in 1955 is making a comeback! This is a classic shoulder bag in eternal hues (black, white, and silver, for instance) which never goes out of vogue. Designer bags are the last word in elegance which justifies their exorbitant price tags.

The hippie obsession

The hippie culture never really goes into oblivion. In an era where the call for peace rings out loud, the rebellious streak made popular by the junkies is simply irresistible! Sling bags scrawled with freedom-inspired messages would make you popular among the college crowd. Fringe bags are high on style with their ancient chic. Coffee brown, suede totes to boxy hobos with fringes and beads are totally sassy, transporting you to the 60s where rules were meant to be broken!

Paint me green!

So, you’re passionate about doing your bit for the environment? Eco-friendly bags have just gotten extra stylish. Trendy reusable jute bags in whacky colors and shapes are huge this season. Gypsy style, multi-colored bags are just perfect for a lazy day at the beach. Quirky quotes on jute bags would add cheek to your attire. The options are endless – from cutesy totes with life-altering words to colorful bags made from recycled material – befitting the ‘go-green’ crusader.

In your clutches

The ubiquitous purse is totally ancient and perfectly useful. They come in myriad shades and textures – from the classic browns to the candy pinks. However, the latest rage in the fashion arena is the clutch bag. Weird shapes, bubblegummy shades, intricate embellishments, and glossy finishes are perfect for any occasion – from your sister’s wedding to that pool-side brunch or jazz evenings and even a night at the concert!

Go ahead, experiment with myriad tones and textures; play with colors and patterns. Get whacky and let your personal sense of style dictate your bag couture.

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