4 reasons why Indian women are more prone to mental issues

women mental health in india
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Mental health issues affect women, men and other genders apparently equally. Still some issues like social anxiety, depression is more common among women especially in India. Mostly it is the lady of the house who regulates the diet and meals of the entire family and is responsible for everything. Depression, anxiety, psychological distress, sexual violence, domestic violence etc contribute to the mental issues in the women. Women often get caged in work that is low income; part-time, work from home or housework, due to concerns about safety and fears of sexual violence.

Here are 4 reasons why Indian women are more prone to mental issues

1. Role of genes

Mental health is still a taboo in India irrespective of the gender. Some studies suggest that women are more prone to mental health issues. In most of the households, women are primary caregivers and in this process, their own physical and mental health is neglected. Studies have suggested that some genes are believed to be responsible for people being more prone to depression.

2. Disconnect from people

The woman leaving her own house after her wedding to settle at her husband’s house not only contributes to a physical factor rather emotional as well. Generally, once the woman shifts to her husband’s family or you say, “her so-called new family” she is expected to spend less time with her own family and friends. A woman has to go several levels of tests to prove herself worthy of love. While doing this they often forget their inner self.

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3. Standing up to expectation

The life of Indian women is a story of endless chores. From managing the office to being the best at home, her whole life goes by standing to the expectations of other people. Even if it’s a holiday or a vacation, women hardly get a day off.

4. Absence of support

It is said that women friends are the strongest support a woman can have. Often termed as sisterhood. Generally, after marriage women are not allowed to have many ‘friendships’. The friendships they nourish during the growing years often fade away after marriage due to geographical distance or lack of time or freedom. Even the interaction of women in social media is sometimes controlled by partners or families members.

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