5 tips for working women to maintain work-life balance during lockdown

tips for maintaining work life balance
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Striking Work-life balance is the need of an hour

Moms all around the globe have always been superheroes. Millennial moms are so much more than what she is supposed to be. She is a mom, chauffeur, chef, coach, moderator, negotiator, colleague, boss and so much more than that. In the 21st century, the women from all walks of life are choosing to have it all – a blissful family, a rewarding career and some solitude to find time for themselves. Between the heaps of mail to answer, back to back meetings and nonstop deadlines only the millennial mom has the potential to do all the house chores amid all these.

Here is the guide to maintain work life balance during the lockdown

1. Prioritize

It is important to prioritize in order – both personal work and professional work. To figure out your responsibilities at different levels ask yourself a question and compare the two things that come your way. Trust us and start prioritizing things, it will make things way too easier.

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2. Delegate your work

There’s nothing wrong in acknowledging that you can’t do everything on your own and a little help could ease your workload. You need to decide what you need to do yourself and what others can take care of. Even at home you and your husband can divide the tasks.

3. Limit distractions

When you are a working woman, every minute is crucial – at work and at home. If you want to be focused and productive, it is essential to keep causal internet surfing, smartphone, phone calls with a chatty colleague at bay. Doing this will save your time and will help you to finish your work on time.

4. Draw a line between home and work

Learn the art of saying NO to things that don’t align with your priorities. Learn to set boundaries so that you can give your heart to both aspects of life. Try to understand that family time is also important. While spending time with your kids and partners don’t be on phones replying emails or discussing work with a coworker. Always be mindful of your personal relationship.

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5. Take out time for yourself

Making out time for things you love is the best mantra for balancing work-life balance. Sometimes it’s absolutely ok to think about yourself. Even while working from home take a day off to break the monotony and just Netflix and chill. Learn to take care of yourself only then you would be able to take care of your family and work.

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