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We Can’t Lose it to COVID Anxiety! How to Deal with COVID Anxiety?

Hold yourself tight as we can’t lose it to COVID Anxiety. Here is how to deal with COVID Anxiety without missing out

It is needless to say that COVID has put us all in one of the most stressful situations. And while we thought it is all ending, the second wave has come, right on our faces, putting shock and fears in front of us. And the fact that the pace at which the virus is spreading in the second wave is much higher than the first is giving us all the reasons to feel low. But, right now, in this extremely tough situation, we all need to stay strong and act to fight this situation together, and we can’t lose it to COVID anxiety. We just can’t. There is a lot the world is facing and it is tough to hold on to it, but we need to try. Here is how to deal with COVID anxiety without missing out.

How to Deal with COVID Anxiety?

1. Acknowledge your feelings

First thing first, you need to acknowledge how you are feeling. Well, let me tell you that you are not the only one feeling anxious and low right now, but not acknowledging your feelings won’t help you. You need to identify your feelings and find out the way to get out of the zone that is making you not feel alright.

We Can't Lose it to COVID Anxiety
2. Stay Informed but to a limited extent

There is a lot that we all have been seeing every day. Cases soring, people dying, poverty, unemployment, and so on. And it is very likely to find ourselves in an overwhelming situation. And not keeping yourself updated is not really a solution. But you can limit what and how much information you are absorbing. Stay informed but to a limited extent.

3. Take care of your health

If each one of us starts to take care of ourselves, then perhaps, then maybe we will be only half left in dealing with the issues. Prioritizing your health above anything is not something you should be regretting. Be it physical or mental health. Taking care of yourself is in your control, taking care of your family is in your control. Do it.

4. Focus on the things that are in your control instead of thinking of what’s not in control

The major reason for your anxiety is probably this, as the uncertainty of times has so much helplessness around, you are thinking of things that are not in your control. Focus on things that are in your control like washing hands regularly, following a healthy routine, staying home as much as possible etc.

We Can't Lose it to COVID Anxiety

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5. Stay Connected

While your anxiety will ask you to isolate yourself from everyone, you need to get a hold of yourself and stay connected with your friends and family. Keep a check on people you know, keep asking about how are they doing. Plan virtual meets and talks to your loved ones.

6. Limit Pandemic from Dominating any Conversation

Don’t let covid dominate the conversation. Try talking about other things else than COVID. Times are overwhelming and talking excessively about the same might only make the situation worse.

7. Stick to trustworthy resources only

A lot of anxiety can develop only because of the misinformation in the air. Stick to only the trustworthy resources for news. While you are limiting your consumption of news, try to also stick to resources that are verified and trustworthy.

So, these are a few things you can do to avoid COVID anxiety. Trust me, there is no harm in prioritizing your health. There is no harm in acknowledging your anxieties. And the fact remains that you don’t deserve to be in that ugly space of mind. You can’t lose this situation to COVID anxiety. Unfortunately, I had to face Klonopin in my own experience. Not in the sense that it is bad, but in the fact that it is better to be healthy and not be aware of such problems. It happened that I had a long stressful period in my life and had to see a doctor. He prescribed these pills and suggested me to buy them on https://www.physionow.ca/klonopin-online/. This is a really effective drug.

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