UK’s Marriage Maintenance Master Classes




The love schools of England are making an attempt to enhance romantic fulfillment for relationship rescue. The tickets for the roadshow are sold with rapid fast speed; each attendee received a copy of Bullet Proof marriage – which are a Shield Against Divorce. These promises are big.


‘But it’s not just spouses lining up for help. The event is “sponsored” by the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG), a Pentecostal group that has fought allegations of fraud and money laundering (later dropped) and been likened in the US to a cult.’


UK’s Marriage Maintenance Master Classes



In England the group is widely known for being questioned and later cleared for alleged involvement in Victoria Climbie’s death. Victoria was an eight year old girl who was tormented and tortured bt her guardians.


Her great aunt took her to a church for exorcism.


The group’s spokesperson said, “Those allegations were deeply unfounded, unfair and unnecessary,” he says. “In fact I wish Victoria Climbie had been a member of the church earlier, because we would have been able to help her. By the time we were aware of her condition she was put in a taxi on the way to hospital.”


He insisted that UCKG is greatly affected by Climbie incident and said, “I’d go so far to say the UCKG are now pioneers of child protection. All our pastors are CRB-checked and we maintain regular contact with social services.”


Michael Waters, a retired postman from North London said, “It’s just spiritual guidance isn’t it? I have nothing against religion as long as it used properly. As long as it’s not radical or extreme or used to brainwash, I think it’s OK really.”


‘The photogenic hosts of the Love School are Renato and Cristiane Cardoso, both Brazilians and the epitome of marital optimism. They walk on hand-in-hand to thunderous applause and open the show with a terrifying statistic: of the 100 people who got married yesterday, 42 will be divorced within 10 years.’


They revealed their secret of intelligent communication. A successful marriage depends on prioritizing other’s requirements and to be ready for sacrifices.


Mr. Cardoso said, “If you can’t admit your mistakes and put the other person first, your marriage has no hope of sustaining itself.”


The attendees left the church after four-hour long performance by the youth group VYC and master class by the Cardosos. They are instilled with renewed optimism and vitality.


A youth worker from Brixton-Risikatu Olaribigbe said, “I came here to learn more about love. I’m single at the moment but who knows? My future partner is still out there. I have a dream of being married by this time next year.”





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