Types of touches and their meaning!

Types of touches and their meaning!

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Not only the body language but type of touch can tell you a lot about person’s intention towards you.



Everyone who has ever been in a relationship has one thing in common that what is his or her partner is thinking. Well, there is no technique of reading one’s mind but yes, their touch can tell you their intention.

Now every touch can give us both negative and positive signs. Though, it cannot tell us what do in a particular situation but still knowing little things can give some peace.



• A hug: Greeting and a plea for some intimacy.

• Pushing : Disagreement and disgust

• Arm over shoulder: Sense of protection, affection

• Touching your hair: Need for closeness and familiarity

• Hands on neck : Trying to show intimacy and comfort

• Holding hands tightly: Need for security, plea for closeness and solidify the connection.

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