Sexuality Glossary: Types of Sexuality that every man, woman and child should know!

Different types of sexuality- Terms you should know

Sexuality is the way people experience and express themselves sexually.  In general, we only know about homo, lesbian or straight sexuality, but in medical science, human sexual behaviour is divided into different classes. This is what we call sexuality in common parlance. Let us take a look at different types of sexuality that every man, woman and child should know.

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Sexual orientation refers to the feeling of emotional, romantic, or sexual attraction towards a person. Many medical experts say that people do not choose their sexual orientation on their own. It is a natural part of his personality.

About 11 types of sexuality have been described to differentiate the sexual behaviour of different individuals. Let’s try to find out what it is.

  1. Heterosexual:This is probably the most common sexual orientation. This sexual orientation is considered“normal” in all societies of the world. In this orientation, a person is willing to have sex with a person of the opposite sex. It is also called straight orientation. That is, the sexual attraction of a man to a woman or a woman to a man comes under its purview.
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    1. Homosexual or Gay or lesbian: This form of sexuality is very much discussed these days. The man feels sexual attachment towards his same-sex person. To put it bluntly, in this, a man wants to have sex with another man. In common parlance, such people are called gay or homo. This form of sexuality is still not acceptable in all the societies of the world. Similarly, when a woman feels sexually inclined towards another woman, she is called a lesbian.
    1. Bisexual:In this form of sexualities, a person is attracted to both sexes. That is, if a man is bisexual, it means that he wants to have sex with both men and women. Such a person can do this at the same time.
    1. Pansexual:Such a person is slightly different from a Bisexual. In this, gender does not matter for him to have sex. He can enjoy sexual pleasure with any man or woman.
    1. Asexual:It would be wrong to say that every person in the world is definitely attracted to the same gender. Asexual means the absence of any kind of sexual desire. In general, such people are rarely found who do not have any sexual desire. Such people are called Asexual. The great physics scientist Isaac Newton is said to have been asexual.

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    1. Demisexual:In this state of sexualities, when a person gets emotionally attached to someone, he can only establish a romantic relationship with him. Such people are usually demisexual in nature and they form long-lasting relationships.
    1. Sapiosexual:In this state of sexualities, a person gets influenced by someone else’s intelligence and starts feeling sexually attached to him. It can be any man or woman. Gender does not matter in this because, in this, the person is influenced by the other person’s intelligence.Sexuality
      1. Polysexual:These are people who are in a position a little more than bisexual but a little less than pansexual. In this, they are attracted to many types of genders. That is, they can be attracted to transgenders, third genders, or even intersex people.
      1. Graysexual: In this category of sexuality, those people come who have a very little sex drive. That is, their desire to have sex is very less. By the way, Graysexual people are not asexual. They may be sexually attracted to a certain person at a particular time.
      1.  Androgynsexual:These are people who find both men and women attractive. Such people have both feminine and masculine traits.
      1. Autosexual:It means“sexual gratification” from your own internal stimuli. Such people also get attracted by looking at themselves in the mirror and often fantasize about their own looks, such as their own looks and naked bodies.


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