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Meghalaya Launches Travellers Nest for Tourism

Meghalaya inaugurates Travellers Nest near sacred Khasi forests. Chief Minister Sangma emphasizes community-driven economic growth and tourism opportunities. Aims to showcase sustainable progress and connectivity initiatives for a brighter future.

Meghalaya’s Tourism Boost Travellers Nest: Community-driven tourism for sustainable economic growth.

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma emphasized the significance of community engagement in driving the state’s economic model. He made this statement during the inauguration of The Travellers Nest in Kyiem village, Mawphlang, near the famed sacred forests of the Khasis.

Community Empowerment:

Sangma highlighted the role of community involvement in their economic model’s success, underscoring collective responsibility among stakeholders. He stressed that Meghalaya’s progress is a collaborative effort, involving the government, community, and public. The government aims to showcase Meghalaya’s strengths as an example of sustainable economic growth driven by community empowerment.


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Tourism Boost:

The Chief Minister expressed optimism about initiatives like The Travellers Nest, a prefab structure with cottages and a restaurant catering to visitors’ needs. He noted tourism as a key sector, with plans to generate nearly one lakh job opportunities through interventions by stakeholders.



Sangma discussed the Chief Minister’s Elevate program, offering substantial subsidies for various projects initiated by entrepreneurs, self-help groups, and entities. He highlighted ongoing road infrastructure improvements, such as the road from Mawphlang to Weiloi, reflecting the government’s commitment to connectivity.

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