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How to travel from Kochi to Munnar

Embark on a scenic odyssey by learning how to travel from Kochi to Munnar! Discover the best route, ideal seasons, and tips for an unforgettable road trip through Kerala's enchanting landscapes."

 “Choosing the Perfect Time: Navigating the Seasons for a Memorable Drive”

The allure of Munnar’s enchanting landscapes, coupled with a pleasant year-round climate, makes the road trip from Kochi an enticing adventure. However, the timing of your journey can significantly impact the experience. For an ideal excursion, plan your drive between September and March when Kerala experiences cool, windy weather with minimal humidity. Surprisingly, the off-season from April to June also has its charm, offering clear routes, affordable accommodations, and a serene atmosphere amidst the summer warmth. On the flip side, the monsoon season brings heavy rainfall, making it the least favourable time to traverse the narrow, uneven, and unpaved roads leading up to Munnar.

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Weather Insights:

-Cochi: Hot and humid, with a warm sea breeze (average temperature: 27°C).

-Munnar: Cool, dry, windy, and chilly in the night (average temperature: 16°C).

“Embracing the Journey: The Best Way to Travel from Kochi to Munnar”

Embarking on a road trip from Kochi to Munnar is not just a journey; it’s an immersive experience that promises stunning views of misty mountains and the enchanting Western Ghats. Covering a distance of 126 kilometres in approximately 4 hours, the route offers smooth, winding roads through picturesque tea plantations. As you traverse this captivating landscape, the sweet scent of tea leaves mingles with the cool, gentle winds of Kerala’s hills, creating a magical atmosphere reminiscent of flying on Aladdin’s magic carpet.

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“Navigating Routes: NH85 vs. NH544”

When it comes to choosing the route from Kochi to Munnar, two primary options present themselves, each with its unique attractions.

l Route 1: Kochi to Munnar Via NH85

Distance: 126.6 km

Travel Time: 3 hours 40 minutes

Highlights: Hill Palace Museum, Mattancherry Palace, Cheeyappara & Valara Waterfalls, Attukad Waterfalls, Pothamedu Viewpoint.

l Route 2: Kochi to Munnar Via NH544

Distance: 135 km

Travel Time: 4 hours 30 minutes

Highlights: Edapally Church, Kerala Kathakali Center, Kaladi, Kodanad Elephant Training Centre, Kallar Vattiyar.

l Best Route:

NH85 is the preferred choice for a hassle-free, shorter, and smoother ride.

NH544 is the scenic route, perfect for those with more time for sightseeing.

 “Alternate Modes: Exploring Other Ways to Reach Munnar”

Kochi to Munnar By Train:

 Nearest Stations: Angamaly (108 km away) and Aluva (109 km away).

Scenic but time-consuming and not considered the most feasible option.

Kochi to Munnar By Flight:

 Cochin International Airport: The nearest airport to Munnar.

Travellers can cover the remaining distance by road.

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Kochi to Munnar By Bus:

 l The most economical option.

l KSRTC offers comfortable and clean AC buses.

l Recommended for a quick, hassle-free, and inexpensive getaway.

l Subheading 5: “Tips for a Smooth Journey: Navigating the Road Safely”

l Be cautious on winding roads and hairpin bends.

l Drive slowly on NH544, as it can be bumpy.

l Carry medication for nausea and motion sickness.

l Pack a light jacket for the cool Munnar temperatures.

l Always have an umbrella due to unpredictable weather.

l Stay updated on real-time weather and traffic conditions.

l Plan rest stops and restaurants before departure.

l Respect the environment – do not litter. 

In conclusion, the road trip from Kochi to Munnar is not just a commute; it’s a voyage through Kerala’s diverse landscapes, offering a tapestry of experiences. Choose your route wisely, time your journey perfectly, and embrace the magic of the Kochi-Munnar road trip. Whether you opt for the shorter, smoother NH85 or the scenic NH544, the road to Munnar promises a symphony of sights and sensations that will linger in your memory long after the journey is over.

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