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Hong Kong’s Disneyland opens Frozen-themed attraction. Here’s what it features

"Embark on a magical journey as Hong Kong Disneyland unveils its Frozen-themed attraction—captivating scenes, thrilling rides, and enchanting memories await!"

Enchanting Adventures Await: Hong Kong’s Disneyland Unveils Frozen-Themed Attraction

Hong Kong Disneyland has opened its doors to a spellbinding experience as it unveils its first-ever Frozen-themed attraction. Drawing inspiration from Disney’s blockbuster animation film, the park has transformed into the “World of Frozen,” captivating the hearts of visitors with its enchanting landscapes and beloved characters.

A Frosty Extravaganza: What’s Inside the Frozen Wonderland

The Frozen-themed section features two new exhilarating rides—a roller coaster and a boat ride—that take visitors on a journey through various scenes immortalized in the iconic movie. From cascading snow-covered mountains to the charming town of Arendelle, the park promises an immersive experience for Disney enthusiasts.

Magical Moments and Commemorative Souvenirs

Thousands of eager visitors flocked to the park on opening day, with some dedicated fans even dressing up as their favourite Frozen characters. Among the first to experience the thrill of the Frozen-themed roller coaster were Bryan Darmanic and his family, who travelled from California. As a token of their magical adventure, they received limited edition souvenirs, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

“The World of Frozen is well-designed and beautiful,” expressed Darmanic, reflecting the awe-inspired sentiments of many first-time visitors. Winnie Ip, a tourist from Macao, arrived early in the morning to witness the grand unveiling, describing the Frozen attractions as nothing short of “magnificent.”

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Disney’s Ambitious Expansion and Hong Kong’s Strategic Move

Josh D’Amaro, chairman of Disney Experiences, emphasized the significance of the Frozen-themed expansion, stating, “Over the past decade, the film has grown into one of the most successful franchises in Disney history.” The inauguration of the Frozen attraction marks Hong Kong Disneyland’s most significant expansion since its establishment in 2005.

This development aligns with Disney’s larger strategy, as the company announced a $60 billion expansion plan for its parks and cruises, seizing the opportunity as Chinese tourists resume international travel post-pandemic. The Frozen-themed section is poised to be a game changer for Hong Kong Disneyland, which has faced financial challenges in recent years.

Continued Enchantment: Disney’s Global Plans

The Frozen magic is not limited to Hong Kong, as Disney has ambitious plans worldwide. Shanghai Disneyland is set to unveil a Zootopia-themed area in December, while Tokyo DisneySea will welcome Fantasy Springs port next spring. Meanwhile, Disneyland Paris is gearing up for the grand opening of the Frozen-themed Kingdom of Arendelle, scheduled for either 2024 or 2025.

As Disney continues to weave its storytelling magic across the globe, the Frozen-themed attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland stands out as a testament to the enduring appeal and timeless enchantment of Disney’s animated creations.

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