Now all Android users can send video messages on Google hangouts

Google’s latest update for its hangout app, is allowing the users to record a video message and send to the other users.


Google Hangout

This video messaging feature was first launched on the Hangouts for iOS, in the year 2014. Now, Google has also released the same feature of Android too. This Hangout v11.o latest update will be compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

Earlier this year, Google had increased the duration limit of a video from 10 seconds to a 1 minute video for Apple, and the further update will now allow a duration of 2 minutes on iOS.

But, for the android users the duration is still fixed to 1 minute. Adding to this, the update will now no longer allow the Android users to use a merge conservation, this is feature that merged your hangouts and the texts messages in the same conversation.

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