Stay Healthy with Natural Sweet Foods!

Stay Healthy with Natural Sweet Foods!


Excessive intake of sweets can adversely affect your health and can prove health sabotaging.


Here are mentioned some easily available natural sweet foods that can refrain your cravings and safeguard your health.


The mere sight of sugar coated chocolate bars and yummy donuts are tempting and hard to resist and you often fall victim to them.


Do you actually want to cut down on your sugar consumption? Well, do not worry, here is some good news!


Try these natural sugary options and stay away from artificial addiction.



Fruits top the list of natural sugar foods. Enriched with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber, they promise you good health.


Eat them as such or make a delicious fruit salad of bananas, mangoes, strawberries, etc and yoghurt and enjoy the yummy preparation.


This will not only satiate your sweet desire but also provide you essential vitamins and minerals.


Dried fruits:

Dry fruits are wonderful sweet options. Try some delicious dry fruits such as dates, figs, raisins, dried apricots, etc.  They not only hold back your hunger cravings but also taste delectable. Add sweet dried fruits to your desserts and enjoy the naturally sweet dish.


Stay Healthy with Natural Sweet Foods!


Tender coconut flesh:

Tender coconut flesh is another naturally sweet options and it is so deliciously sweet and creamy that it will curtail your sweet cravings instantly. Coconut flesh is low in calories and has good amount of electrolyte content.


Sweet veggies:

Carrots, sweet potatoes and sweet corn are some examples of sweet vegetables.  Carrots are sweet in taste and rich in vital nutrients. Being low in calories they are ideal for weight conscious individuals.


Fruit spread:

Crush some fresh strawberries and make a fine paste and spread on a toast. This way you can cut down your dependence on jam containing extra sugar.


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