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What Your Fears Reveal About Your Personality?

Your fears and their meanings

A phobia is a kind of anxiety disorder, and it gets develop due to a persistent fear of an object or situation. The phobia typically results in fear and can remain for 6 months or more than that. Phobias can be divided into some specific categories like social phobia and agoraphobia.

It includes some big or small animals, natural environment situations, blood or injuries, and specific situations. One of the most common is fear of spiders, fear of snakes, and fear of heights.

What’s your fear

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Here are some common phobias, let take a look them:

  • Fear of clowns means you value honesty

According to an article, clowns are portrayed as “tricksters” whose masks give them the feeling that they can abandon typically acceptable social behavior. So it’s no surprise that ‘Coulrophobia’ is quite common- nearly one in 10 adults is a victim of this phobia People who are afraid of clowns tend to pride themselves on their honesty, transparency, and straightforwardness, and expect others around them to do the same

  • Fear of blood means you’re calm and collected

Do you get woozy when you see blood? ‘Hemophobia’ is also one of the common phobias. Basically, your mind associates blood with something wrong and send a danger signal to your brain. If this is the case, you have a strong protective instinct and tend to be the calm. Use your centered Zen to create calm around you and share your inner peace with more stressed friends.

  • Fear of snakes means you stand up for others

These slithering serpents are guaranteed to send a chill down many spines. If you can relate, your fear of snakes may derive from your protective instincts for others. Psychology says, “Humans and other primates are predisposed to acquire fears of critters that once threatened our ancestors’ lives.” Above all, you value the people and relationships around you. You like to stick up for others and stand ground as a loyal friend. While being devoted is a good thing, make sure to maintain balance in your relationships and seek out compromises when needed.

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  • Fear of spiders means you’re a leader

‘Arachnophobia’, it is actually one of the most common phobias in existence. Researchers indicate that spiders posed such a prevalent threat to the survival of first humans, that the ability to locate them became an evolutionary necessity. Well, your acute awareness indicates a rooted tendency to lead and survive. Sensitivity and reliability are your strong traits.

  •  Fear of speaking in public means you’re a perfectionist

According to the Fear of Encyclopedia, most of the people are afraid to open up and speak up in public because of their low self-esteem. Interestingly, they are perfectionist at all level. They do their best in everything. Also, they form solid relationships.

What’s your fear

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  • Fear of crowd means you like your personal space

Psychology says ‘Agoraphobia’ as an “intense fear and anxiety of any place or situation where escape might be difficult.” Although this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not a people person, it does imply that you like to maintain your personal space. In a fight-or-flight scenario, you generally opt for the latter. You want your personal space and keep physical space between yourself and others.

  • Fear of germs means you’re detail-oriented

‘Mysophobia’ can be a trauma, such as an overwhelming health scare. You like to keep your surroundings clean and disordered things disturb you. Although your boss may appreciate you for being organized, meticulous, and detail-oriented, the downside is your high anxiety levels. Do some experiment with creativity- a bit of mess isn’t always a bad thing.

  • Fear of the dark means you’re creative

‘Nyctophobia’ the fear of the darkness isn’t completely irrational. According to researchers, darkness impairs our vision, which dampers our ability to understand and control our surroundings; darkness blinds one of our most important senses, leaving us with a lack of control and vulnerability. You also have an overactive imagination. If your fear is sparking overpowering anxiety every time you turn off the switch, try filling your mind with positive images. Make sure to stay away from those horror movies.

  • Fear of heights means you’re self-aware

‘Acrophobia’ is the fear of height. People around you know that you will be firmly rooted and centered in what you’re doing. You have a streamlined mindset to carry a strong identity.

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