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What Irritates Delhi?

What irritates Delhi?

“I don’t know what happened to the youngsters of Delhi, all around they roam with their smart phones. They are not even bothered what’s going on around them, sometimes I honk several times but they are just not ready to listen, this really irritates me”, Says Arman Malik, a 45 year old Delhi resident.

“Traffic jams really irritate me in Delhi. Every day I get late for my office just because of it and every day I reach late to my place. I think every day the number of cars are increasing in Delhi, despite of metro facility in the City the scenario is pathetic”, says Rita Narain.

What Irritates Delhi?

Young esters using smart phones

“Our Prime Minister has already started Swach Abhiyaan, I don’t think so people in Delhi are much interested to pull their weight in the Abhiyaan. If you don’t believe go have a look at the Yamuna River. This really irritates me, why don’t people realize their responsibilities”, says Rameshwari Pillai.

Are you a Delhiite who encounters these problems in the city too? Are you irritated too? If yes, you will surely relate to the following problems.

What Irritates Delhi?

People spitting on road

When One World News, conducted a survey from around 200 people across Delhi we found some prominent problems that really irritated the people of Delhi.

Some of them are:

Traffic Jams: What happens when you get late for an important meeting or what happens when you reach late at your place. Don’t you feel irritated? This is one of the major problems that Delhi faces daily.

What Irritates Delhi?

Lady crossing road without bothering of green light

Security problems for girls: Lots of debates and discussions have been done and lots of laws have been put in place, but the scenario in the capital is the same. Women still feel insecure in the city. “I am a working woman and it is difficult for me to reach my place by 6 and after that my parents get so worried and especially when it’s the winter season”, says Richa Chaudhary.

Aggression among citizens: “Cooperation, Adjustment and help; nobody knows these words in Delhi. People start fighting with each other without realizing the consequences of the act done by them”, says Mukul Khanna Yes, aggression is one of the peculiar problems in the capital.

Cleanliness in the city: Despite of the instructions written on various places for not throwing garbage, people throw garbage on the roads anyway.

What Irritates Delhi?

Garbage lying on the roads

Over usage of Smartphone by the youngsters: On roads, you can find a boy or a girl moving with the earphones put on without realizing that you are honking at them to move out of the way, how do you feel at that time? Yes, out of every 10 youngsters 8 are addicted to their smart phones in Delhi. According to the survey, this becomes the major reason for severe accidents too.

What Irritates Delhi?

Traffic jam

These facts have brought out an appalling reality of the capital of India. The city of dreams is not able to resolve its ground level problems.

So, how can it be resolved?

When we all will try to fulfill our responsibilities and will make an effort to achieve a common goal.

What Irritates Delhi?

Man talking on phone while driving

What can the government do?

They can regulate rules and regulations and can make some strict punishments. With collective efforts we can surely come out with really workable ideas.

What Irritates Delhi?

Rickshaw puller talking on phone

Let’s hope we can find some solutions to make our city less irritating.

Picture Courtesy : Kuldeep Pundhir, OneWorldNews

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