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Stickers on Underwear can send signals to stop sexual assault

It will send distress signals to STOP Sexual Assault

According to reports, scientists have created a sticker which is capable of sending distress signals to stop sexual assault. The wearable technology could put an end to the ‘disease’ that is called sexual assault, according to its creator.

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have created ‘smart sticker’ that can sense when a person is in need,p and or he/she is being sexually assaulted.

Sexual assault

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Just take a look on how does it work?

· Firm Intrepid are the inventors of this technology. It is attached to a piece of clothing and that is connected to the user’s phone via Bluetooth.

· If the stickers senses any other person is removing item of clothes silently or forcefully and the person is being sexually assaulted, this sticker technology sends a distress signal.

· If clothes will be forcefully removed, as it senses and it tells the phone which sends a distress signal and information to emergency services and one in five contacts which is available in the phonebook.

· MIT researcher Manisha Mohan, she personally considers sexual assault ‘a disease in our society’, which needs an immediate cure.

Smart sticker

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· It has two modes, an active mode for them who is unconscious or can’t fight against the assaulter and the passive mode where the victim can self-actuate the safety mechanism.

· These both modes release distress signals to prevent an assault in real-time, it will also alert the victim’s friends and family and call for emergency services for help.

· Its clothing design is based on input from sexual assault survivors, which are 338 on-line participants, 67 volunteers and 20 users who helped all of us to understand the real world feasibility of the system and the society.

· Users evaluated the clothing appeal, functionality,sensitivity and it provided the feedback on their general sense of security wearing the smart clothing.

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