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How to practice meditation?

Here are few effective ways to practice meditation

Meditation has nothing to do with religion or spiritual practice.Meditation is actually an effective way to burst stress. Here are few effective ways to practice meditation.

It has been scientifically proven that meditation is the best exercise for keeping your mind relaxed. The kind of meditation we are going to talk about is known as mindful meditation or vipassana in Buddhism.

Relax your brain
Morning meditation

Meditation is a special method for freezing our mind with positivity. When our mind is peaceful we are free from stress and mental pressure, and we usually express true happiness at that time.

If we train our mind to become peaceful we will be happy all the time, even in the most difficult conditions. But if our mind is not peaceful, even if we have the best external conditions we will not be happy, and we can stay happy by doing meditation.

How to practice it?

Going Alone

· Set an alarm before you do it, to avoid all the things.

· Sit with your back straight.

· Now, bring your attention to the feeling of the breath. (It can be on your throat, stomach, nose, etc.)

Gently bring it back to the feeling of your breath. Do not fight it or get angry.

Anytime: You can meditate wherever you are. But sometimes it can be difficult due to distractions, so fix up a time to do it.

Make a choice to be where you are and observe what is happening around you and just try to concentrate.

Breathing Meditation : It is only a preliminary stage of meditation, it can be very powerful. One can observe that just by practicing it one can experience inner peace.

Meditation position
Meditation position

Do it in the morning: Morning is the right time to practice meditation. It also feels good to put yourself in the right mind going into your day.

If morning schedule isn’t convenient for you. Try to fix any other schedule for meditation.

Start meditating once a day. You can do it according to your convenience. Meditation can burst your stress and can induce positivity. Morning time is more preferable because meditation is a great thing to start your day.

Do anywhere and everywhere

You can do it anywhere all you need is, the will to do it.

List of some of the places where you can do meditation:

· On chair

· On a city bus

· Standing up on crowded subway train.

· On a park bench

So if you do not feel motivate to meditate for yourself, remember that doing it could really help you out while dealing with day -day to issues.

Some Important Tips

· Much of the stress and tension normally comes from our mind, and many of the problems we experience ,including ill health are caused or aggravated by stress. Just by doing meditation for ten – fifteen minutes every day, we will able to reduce all stress.

· If you will meditate regularly difficult situations will become easier , we will naturally feel warm and well disposed towards other people, and our relationship with others will also improve.

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