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10 Most Exciting Restaurants In World, take a look here

Most Unique Restaurant In The World!

Uniqueness attracts everyone. We all get attracted towards different and unusual things. Today, we will talk about the 10 most exciting restaurants in world. If you are a foodie and you love to enjoy food at different places, then you should read this piece. So here we go! Here is a list of 10 most exciting restaurants all across the world.


Here are 10 unusual restaurants in the world:

· Ithaa Restaurant (Maldives): Ithaa restaurant is an underwater restaurant. It gives you an amazing experience of eating with underwater species. The hotel is surrounded with two islands, Rangali and Rangalifinholu.

· Clothing optional Dinners: (New York) This restaurant in New York welcomes you strip naked. Before stepping inside the restaurant you must take off all your shame and enjoy food without any clothes.

· Ice Lounge (Dubai): What is the cool way to eat the food with the coolest thing i.e. ice. Ice Lounge In Dubai gives you all chill because of its coolest experience. Everything in restaurant is made up of ice.

· Vampire Café (Tokyo): If you think Vampires only exists in books and in those thrilling movies, then you are wrong because this Vampire café in Tokyo will help you to meet real Vampires. The café Tokyo gives you the original experience of vampire diaries. They have dark coffins and red velvet theme in their café where you pretend yourself to be a vampire while sipping their special red drink.

Opaque Restaurant

· Opaque (USA): Opaque restaurant in USA serve your food in total darkness, where you can’t able to see each other and moreover they test your smelling sense while serving the dinner.

· Dinner In The Sky(Belgium): Dinner in the sky as the name suggests itself. Dinner in the sky is the restaurant in Belgium which will serve your meal 150ft above from the ground level and gives you totally new experience while eating your favorite food.

· Potty’s Restaurant (India): Potty’s restaurant in India is the toilet themed restaurant where chairs are in the shape of pot and dishes will be served in bathroom looking style things.

· Hospital Themed Restaurant (Latvia): Hospital is a scary place for many of us. But this hospital themed restaurant in Latvia gives you all their servings in surgical utensils.

· Disaster Café(Spain): Disaster café in Spain gives you thrill in their super disastrous style. Many people visit this restaurant to experience earthquake in their restaurant. You must take care of your drinks because they might spill because of the simulated 7.8 earthquake.

· Hobbit House Restaurant (Manila): Hobbit house restaurant is inspired from the movie’ Lord of the rings’. The idea of this restaurant is of Jim turner who is a college professor. You will love this restaurant if you are a lover of tiny things and Lord of the rings.

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