Simple Homemade Aftershaves for Men!

Simple Homemade Aftershaves for Men!


Aftershave oils and lotions are an important part of the men beauty products. The markets are flooded with wide variety of aftershaves but remember commercial aftershaves can darken your skin.


Oneworldnews recommends you to use this homemade aftershave oil that can be prepared from the easily available items and promises not to cause any allergy to your skin.


The commercial aftershaves contain alcohol and are known to retard skin growth on the part of the skin where they are used.


You can make aftershave oil by using simple ingredients such as tea tree oil, Aloe vera, cucumber, vodka, etc.


Simple Homemade Aftershaves for Men!



Aloe Vera:

The amazing soothing, healing and rejuvenating properties of Aloe are known to all and sundry. You can apply the jelly-like liquid of the Aloe plant directly on the shaved skin. The minor cuts seen after the application of razor can be easily healed by this Aloe extract.


Tea Tree Oil:

Mix lavender oil and tea tree oil in a bowl and apply it on the skin.  You can also mix some essential aromatic oil instead of lavender oil.


Witch Hazel Extract:

Mix water and few drops of olive oil in Hazel extract and add aromatic flowers such as rosemary, lavender, etc. Add cinnamon and store in a jar for 3-4 weeks. The final mixture can be used as natural homemade aftershave oil.


Shea Butter:

Shea butter is the ivory colored extract derived from of African shea tree nut.


You can either apply the soft shea butter on the skin or can even store in refrigerator and use as a bar to revive and expedite the process of skin healing.


Apple Cider Vinegar:

This natural aftershave is the most popular one. Apple cider vinegar can be directly massaged on the skin. if you find it not so good smelling, simply add bay leaves cloves and a cinnamon stick to get rid of its pungent odor.


Cucumber Aftershave:

This one is the simplest one among the list of homemade aftershave oils. Grind half cup of cucumber with a cup of water and quarter cup of mint extract in a blender. Keep the mixture in a glass container and store in fridge. Use it as a natural aftershave.


Depending upon your likes and availability, choose your preferred aftershave from the above mentioned list of natural homemade list of aftershave.


Though these aftershaves have a relatively small shelf life, yet they are free from skin allergy and are harmless in usage.


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