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Indian Men on the Internet revealed small Gestures Made by women that melted their hearts!

Men on Internet Revealed Small Gestures made by Women that were romantic AF!

Even the smallest gestures speak a thousand words, right? When it comes to a romantic relationship, what really counts are the small actions and the efforts made by your partner to be with you.  Men and women have different expectations from a romantic relationship. But there a few things that are common for both genders. Just like women, men too appreciate small gestures. He doesn’t want big surprises or expensive gifts. Even your smallest gesture counts. Indian Men on the internet have revealed small gestures made by women that melted their hearts right away!

Small Gestures made by Women
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1.She is super comfortable with my friends –  Raman, 29

She is nice to my friends and the best part is they get along really well. There is no drama of choosing her or my friends. She doesn’t need my permission to hang out with my friends and I love her for this.

2. Whenever she wears my shirt! – Karan, 30

Whenever she wears my shirt, my heart melts!  It is super attractive and it makes me feel loved.

3. She made me a playlist on Spotify – Mohit, 25

If you are thinking that bas itne mai hi they feel happy? So ladies you are right. No expensive gifts, no big surprises. It is all about taking care of his likes and dislikes.

Small Gestures made by Women
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4. She took me on a date as I was having a bad day – Prashant, 28

We were talking to each other and I told her that I am having a bad day. She told me that she coming to pick me up from the office. She took me out on a date. She had planned everything. From dinner to the movie, she was the one who executed everything.  It was a quite refreshing experience for me as for the first time I was enjoying and was not planning anything.

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5. She sent me flowers just to make my day special. – Yug, 28

One fine day when I was getting ready for the office. I received flowers from her and it melted my heart. She made my day super special.

6. My girlfriend loves my dog and it really melts my heart – Amit, 31

She loves my dog and they enjoy each other’s company. The way she treats my family really melts my heart.

7. She folded my laundry. I didn’t expect her to do it –  Kunal, 32

She folded my laundry and ironed my shirts. I didn’t expect her to do that. I was flooded with emotions.  Her cute gesture melted my heart right away.

Small Gestures made by Women
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8. My future wife showed up at my place with a  pizza-  Aman, 27

She randomly showed up at my place with a pizza and we had a good time together. She took half a day off from her office and came straight to me with a pizza because I was feeling low.

9. Everytime she lets her hair down, it is too romantic to handle – Karanpreet, 29

Whenever she lets her hair down, it just melts my heart. To be honest, I find the gesture really attractive. She becomes irresistible whenever she opens her hair.

10. She made a heart shape box filled with chits with messages that I am awesome – Kabir, 33

She had really put in a lot of effort. She made a heart-shaped box and filled with chits and every chit had a reason why I am awesome. It is still with me. Her gesture was too cute to handle!

These small gestures made my women can melt any man’s heart. Ladies! We hope that you have taken the notes.  Do not forget if he is not saying that doesn’t mean your gestures are not melting his heart.

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