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Youngsters explain how relationships and dating feels like after 25

Do you also feel that not having a boyfriend/girlfriend means ‘living a boring life’

There has always been a ridiculous pressure of society or friends reminding you that you’re not getting any younger, so if you don’t find or have a boyfriend/girlfriend RIGHT NOW, you’re living a boring life.

Well, to be very honest, this sounds not only ridiculous but also disgusting, to me.

People are very different when it comes to relationships. There are many teenagers who get involved in a relationship no matter if it is a serious or casual one, as it seems fascinating to them and likes to experience what it’s like to be in one. But there are also a few people who don’t wait for such things to happen and plan to get married when the time is right. Perhaps, these are the people who went to Harvard, Oxford, IIM, or IIT.

After 25, there are chances that your expectations on dating and relationships begin to change. Your standards may get higher and your priorities may shift as things like “tall, dark, fair, food physique, and handsome”.  You may crave something more delicious. So, let’s see what all changes youngsters feel like in dating after 25.

Following are some common views shared by youngsters aged 24-30 about what they actually think of dating after 25:


1.       Feel like everyone is in a relationship: For the ones who haven’t been in any relationship, by 25, it seems like everyone is in a relationship (casual or committed) or getting married. You think that you need some action too for yourself and start looking to date, someone. There are many who think that by 25 you should lose virginity. However, it is not a trend and there is no rule book to this. People should get involved in such things only when they think the time is right for them.

2.       The right time: Over the years, people have changed a lot. It is actually hard to find the right person for the rest of your life. Many guys and even girls have this mind-set that date anyone, be in a relationship, or even get laid whenever you want before getting married because you won’t be able to do it afterward. For some, it doesn’t matter if these relationships are meaningless along with hook-ups that your friends are also participating in.

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3.       Influence: One of the reasons by which the young generation get affected when they see their friends getting serious or having better sex, shacking up, talking marriage, etc. It comes with a surprise when a few of them decide to get engaged.  This can be more dangerous in any relationship because there is no need to compare your relationship with others.

4.       An excuse to get drunk and laid:  No matter if it is Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve or even a public /government holiday, couples plan a trip to go somewhere so that they can get drunk and have sex anytime. The trip means so much to them as they try to plan a month before. This shows how desperate this young generation is for getting laid.

5.       Life partner:  Dating after 25 also brings some responsibilities to some people so that their parents don’t have to struggle to find a suitable match for them. Some family-oriented guys or girls take this responsibility to find their life partner all by themselves with their parents’ approval of course. Also, some decide to go against their parents’ wishes to find one and it happens a lot in India.

6.       Financial status: Not a good one though but it is a fact and one of the reasons that guys and girls never consider getting in a relationship with someone who doesn’t sound financially good. There are many guys and girls who actually first prefer to know the bank balance or the job profile before starting anything. The reason is well aware in the Indian society and there is an old saying that if the guy doesn’t earn well, doesn’t get a good girl.

7.       Expectation: In dating or in a marriage, there and many things that your partner expects from you such as girls always prefer someone who doesn’t smoke or drink but should be good in bed. The same goes with guys, they want a non-smoker girl and also who doesn’t drink but guys think that it is ok with them if they drink. Hypocrisy much! Isn’t it?  Other expectations include that he/she should be a foodie, travel enthusiast, gentle lover, and dress well and above all not boring.

8.       Successful enough: All kidding aside, it is essential to understand that you want someone with his/her shit together in both life and career. A girl expects a guy to be a successful person and a good human and there is nothing wrong with that. Like there is a saying, having “swag” doesn’t pay the bills. If a girl wants to earn or doesn’t want to it can be acceptable but a guy cannot do that. He has to earn for his family even if a girl doesn’t. That’s is the fact not only in India but everywhere.

 “I will keep this simple because people are as complicated as they can be. Everyone’s different today so it is really hard to tell that what guys and girls actually think. In India, people get married at early age specially girls at the age of 18, 20 or 25 and I have seen many men even women who are at their 20’s 30’s and 40’s ruining their relationship over someone else. So, it is not actually about the age, because people do what they feel like, no matter who they hurt or destroy in the process, says the Kerala based relationship advisor Deviyani.

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