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History of Paan: The ultimate symbol of Passion & Romance

History of Paan: How Paan is linked to lovemaking?


  • History of Paan
  •  Paan, the symbol of passion and romance
  • Paan, the inseparable part of Indian culture

Originated from Sanskrit word Parna which means leaf, Betel Leaf aka Paan has a history of 5000 years. It is indeed an inseparable part of Indian culture. From Indian mythology, Ayurveda to even Kamasutra, it can be found everywhere.  Though it is prevalent in all parts of India, its presence is mostly felt in Lucknow, that is – Nawabo Ka Sheher.  Paan chewing is extremely popular in Lucknow and it is a popular custom since the time of Nawab’s era.

Recently, I was in Lucknow and witnessed how chewing paan every night after dinner is a part of regular routine in many families. Interestingly, women in the family are supposed to give it to men. After witnessing the obsession of Paan in different parts of the country, I decided to dig into its history. It took me to the one of the oldest Paan shops in India – Pandey’s Paan in Connaught Place, Delhi.  Pandey’s Paan shop was started in the year 1943 with the investment of 8 Paisa.

It has served iconic people like Indira Gandhi to even Barack Obama when he had visited India. One can find 50 types of fruity paans and 15 types of saada paan here. You will find long queues outside the shop during night since people love to enjoy it after dinner. Well, chewing paan after dinner is also associated with lovemaking. According to Kamasutra, it is the last thing that is offered in the game of foreplay. It is usually offered by the woman to her man when she is fully aroused, after she has been kissed, caressed and embraced.

“Paan was the ultimate symbol of passion and romance in the history of seduction.” Seema Anand, Sexual Health Educator has even written a book on Paan and the Arts of Seduction.

Back in time, there was not an option to send a heart to your lover. Both men and women used to send paan to each other to express their feelings. Let us take a look at some of them. From flirting to bringing the ex back into your life, there was a Paan.

1.When you want to tell someone that you are desperately in love with them – One would send Kaushal Paan to that person, according to the Kamasutra.

2. There was no Swipe Left and Swipe Right so people used to set up a date by sending an Ankush Paan.  Sending Ankush paan meant to hook up with someone for a night.

3. A Kandarp Paan was the symbol – when someone is excited to see her or his lover. This Paan could only be sent in the evening after the moon had risen.

4. To confess love for someone, a paan with cardamom was sent.

5. In fact, there was a Paan to reject someone. A paan which was tied with a black thread was a symbol of rejection. It means that the person doesn’t want to see you again.

Chewing Paan is associated to lovemaking as it improves your sexual health. Chewing Paan combined with Supari, Lime, Clove and some gulkand works wonders on your entire body, it freshens your breath and also helps stimulate your reproductive organs. Having once in a day after dinner helps a great deal.

Tip: Just remember excessive consumption of Paan can be hazardous to health. Chewing it regularly can improve digestion. It keeps your breath fresh and improves your sexual health.

Content Research Courtesy : She The People TV 

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