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How to prepare your daughter for her First Period?

How to prepare your daughter for her First Period: A Guide for Moms

Periods are a normal biological process and mark a big change in a girl’s life.  The first Period comes with a lot of questions. Be it about changes that the body goes through or the emotional discomfort, the first period can be quite confusing. In that case, it is important to handle the girl with a lot of love and care. Gone are the days when it was considered taboo and mothers used to shy away from talking about periods with their daughters. Lack of open communication around periods can be exhausting for our daughters. They should be guided so that their period doesn’t cause them a lot of discomfort, especially during the first year.  Here is how you can prepare your daughter for her first period.

Talk to her about periods early

Do not wait for her first period, strike a casual conversation with her early on. It is extremely important to prepare your daughter for her first period from the time they are 8- 9 years old. These days periods tend to start early compared to past years.  It is important to impart the right knowledge to them at the right time. Explain to them that is a biological process and it is completely normal.  You must tell her that there is nothing embarrassing about it and if it happens in the school she must inform her teacher.

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“When I got my first period, my mother explained to me how to use a sanitary napkin. She also explained to me the importance of hygiene and it was quite helpful.”

Make sure she gets the nutrition she needs

Well, it is a monthly cycle. In that case, you must ensure that she is getting all the nutrition she needs. Her diet should be full of green leafy vegetables, fruits, and dry fruits. You can also include chicken, fish, and eggs if she is a non –vegetarian.  Keep her well hydrated.

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Menstrual Hygiene must be explained to her well in advance

It is a natural process and every discussion around it should happen at the right time. As a mother, you must explain to her how to use a sanitary napkin. Apart from it, you must explain to her the importance of menstrual hygiene. Be it the right way to dispose of the sanitary napkin to maintaining vaginal hygiene. Explain to her that it is important to change the sanitary napkin every four hours.

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Period Cramps, Heavy Flow days & Light Flow Days should also be explained so that she can be prepared in advance

As a mother, it is your responsibility to explain everything in detail. There would be a plethora of questions that she will ask from you.  After all, it is such a big event in her life. She must have questions on her mind. She might suffer from period cramps. In that case, you must give her a hot bottle. Explain to her that it is a 5-7 day process. First two days you might experience heavy flow so there is nothing to panic about.

Involve the Entire Family, especially the male members so that there is no shame in talking about it

A lot of women do not talk about periods openly around the male members of the family. But it should not be practiced anymore. Male members of the family must be aware of periods. Be it, father or brother, the men in the family must know that it is a normal process. It is extremely important to educate your son as well. Talking to your daughter about the relation between the period and pregnancy is important. This way she can be safe, aware, and alert.


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