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Toxic habits that need to be changed

Avoid these toxic habits and improve your life

We can define toxic habits as those habits which are not good for our mental and physical health. We have many such habits which are actually toxic and we do not even know about them. Some toxic habits are such that they become part of our automatic actions. If such habits are not changed, then they can cause a lot of damage not only to us but also to our relations in the future. Know such toxic habits that need to be changed:

1. Do not take responsibility for mistakes: If we are not ready to accept our mistakes and take responsibility for them, then it means that we are not allowing ourselves to grow as human being. Many people do not take responsibility for their mistakes just because they feel that they cannot make any mistakes. This is a very toxic habit and the sooner you can change it the better.

2. Staying in the past: There is no use in exhuming the “buried dead”. Therefore, those who keep on remembering the things of their past, do not get anything except disappointment in the future. If you keep thinking that if you had done something different in a particular situation, then its results could have been better, then you are only stopping your future growth and doing your loss. So stop living in the past.

3. Being in a Toxic Relationship: It is very difficult to end a relationship, but if you are part of a toxic relationship, the sooner you can end it, the better. Removing a person from your life can be difficult, but if removing that person can make your life more healthy, then removing that person is important. Do not let such toxic relationships become your habit.

4. Give excuses for everything: Giving excuses for some work only makes you self-satisfied but it makes the other person feel that you are not serious about that work. You should not hide under the guise of excuses as it may become a habit. Do everything on time and avoid giving excuses.

5. Harsh on yourself: Take some time out of your life and think about what you really want from life. In the meantime, make sure that you are not being too proud of yourself to achieve your goals. If so then this is wrong. Stop blaming yourself for anything. The biggest wrong you are doing to yourself is to be too proud of yourself. Change this toxic habit.

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Let’s try out these solutions to get rid of bad habits:

1. Write down your thoughts: Journaling is very good for your health. First of all, you have to identify all the bad habits you have. Once you come to know about your bad habits, then the work will be much easier for you. When you come to know what are the bad habits in you, then after that you should write all those habits on blank paper. Then try to leave Habits one by one and as you start leaving bad habits, keep removing them from that paper. This is a very simple and best way.

2. Make small changes: These are those habits, which we get addicted to very soon but it is very difficult for us to eliminate them. So we need to walk in it with patience and ease. We can never leave them at once, so we need to keep patience.

3. Change your environment: Some of our habits are such that the reason for which is the environment around us. That’s why you have to identify what effect the environment has on you. If you feel that this environment is not right for me, then you have to change it soon. Because when you change your environment, then the effect of those bad habits on you becomes less.

One of the most important things you can do to defeat a toxic habit is to realize that you’re not alone. It’s your habit and your responsibility to defeat it, but you have friends and family who love you. They want to help in any way they can, so let them. Try taking professional help too. It will help you to reduce stress.

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Jagisha Arora

MA in History and has worked as a freelance writer. She writes on issues of gender, caste and democracy.
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