Here are few things that you should keep in mind before keeping a Shivling at home

Power of keeping a Shivling at home

Shivling represents the trinity principle namely Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the protector), Shiva (the destructor) and there are mixed notions on keeping it in home for worship. Though a lot of people suggests not to keep shivling at home , but if you have already taken the effort to establish a shivling at home, then here are few things that you should keep in mind because inviting wrath of Lord Shiva can land us in trouble.

So what all you should keep in mind?

1. If you keep a shivling at home , you should worship it on a regular basis

2. Never offer Turmeric to shivling because turmeric is usually used by women for beauty purpose and since shivling is a symbol of the male deity of shiva, turmeric should not be offered to it.

3. Never offer milk directly from the packet. Take out the milk in any of the home utensils. Apart from it, make sure milk should always be ice cold no matter what is the weather outside

4. Idol of Gauri and Ganesha should be kept along with the shivling. And you should always keep the surrounding clean where you have kept the shivling

5. You should offer Sandalwood and white flowers to shivling because white flowers pleases Lord Shiva

6. Never offer Tulsi to shivling , you can offer bael patra to seek Lord Shiva’s blessings

7. Last but not the least, do not consume anything you offer to shivling. In fact, you should distribute it among others

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Lord Shiva

Reasons for not keeping shivling at homes

Reason – 1

Hindu culture lays strict rules for ladies during the menstruation cycle. One of the major reasons for not keeping shivling at homes is the fear that menstruating ladies might desecrate the shivling and could invite bad luck. Time has changed and it would be foolish to believe that something like this can bring bad luck. However , as a mark of respect people do not keep shivling at home.


Hinduism advocates daily worship to divine idols, especially Shivling. God is highly benevolent towards his devotees, but if the daily Puja gets disrupted lord shiva can get angry, according to Hindu beliefs.


Lord Shiva is known for his ultimate perfection . Therefore, he will not tolerate any mistakes , lies and other bad acts. That’s why people fear in keeping shivling at home.


None of assumptions discussed above justify not keeping Shivling at home. So one can keep shivling at their Puja space. Notably, it is advised big idols more than one feet should not be kept at home. And you should offer regular Puja to get Shiva’s blessings.

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