‘It happens only in India’: 10 Bizarre Stories to prove it

People share Bizarre stories on the internet that proved anything can happen in India

India is a vibrant and colourful country and it runs on jugaad. For each and everything, Indians have some jugaad.  India is internationally recognized as a colourful country. However, the people of this country are even more colourful. We have compiled 10 Bizarre stories that we found on the internet that are hilarious and will instantly crack you up.

Bizarre Stories
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1. Man ties the knot with girlfriend and the girl chosen by his  family

In an unusual event in Madhya Pradesh, a man married both his girlfriend and the girl his parents had chosen for him.  The village Panchayat decided that if both women give their consent, the man can marry both of them. Like, Seriously?

Bizarre Stories
Image Source- Pixabay

2. Women in Uttar Pradesh approaches court to seek divorce from her husband who loves her too much

In a bizarre incident, a woman in Sharia, UP approached the court to seek divorce from her husband. She complains that he loves her too much and never fights with her. Naturally, the court rejected their plea and told the couple to resolve their issues themselves.

Bizarre Stories
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3. A woman cheats on her boyfriend with an Auto –Wallah, so he steals phones of 70 Auto Wallas as a revenge

You cannot understand the pain of a broken heart until you go through the same pain. Well, heartbreak can make you do weird and strange things. A man from Ahmedabad was arrested for stealing phones from over 70 Auto drivers. On being questioned, he said his girlfriend cheated on him with an auto – driver and duped him of all his money.

4. Entire Bus Stop got stolen in Pune – We were like puzzled?

In a bizarre incident, an entire bus stop in Pune was stolen and we were like aisa Kaun karta hai yaar? A reward of 5000 was declared for anyone who would help in finding it.

Bizarre Stories
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5. Woman cheated 10,000 people with fake websites & marries a web developer so that she doesn’t get caught

A woman in Bhopal created 10,000 fake websites to cheat people. Later, she got engaged to a web developer so that she doesn’t get tattled on.

6. DSP advised people not to give and take bribe in a speech gets caught taking bribe after an hour

On International anti-corruption day, DSP Bherulal Meena of Sawaimadhopur was heard advising people to call up the government helpline in case somebody asks for a bribe. However, he was himself caught within an hour while accepting a bribe of Rs. 80,000.

Bizarre Stories

7.  Delhi man writes an obituary for media and guess what? Publishes it too

We know people are not happy with Indian media. A man in Delhi decided to write an obituary for MeDia. What really is a sad commentary on the lack of awareness on the media’s part is that a newspaper unwittingly published it.

8. When Sunny Leone’s name appeared on the merit list

It was one of the most bizarre incidents that took place in India. College management was furious when Sunny Leone’s name appeared on the merit list.  The actress herself was amused and joked about the same on Twitter.

Bizarre Stories
Image Source- Pixabay

9. Father and daughter got into a fight while playing Ludo, daughter files case

Lockdown made Ludo our favourite game. But a lot of people have started taking it way too seriously. A woman in Madhya Pradesh moved to court against her father who apparently cheated while playing Ludo. She said she has lost all respect for him and doesn’t feel like calling him father anymore.

10. Monkey steals a bag containing 4 lakh rupees and threw them on the road

Monkeys are a usual sight all across India. They are known for their mischief. In an incident, a monkey in UP stole a bag containing 4 Lakh rupees outside the registry office. He then ran away, sat upon a tree and proceeded to throw thousands of rupees.

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