What is Travel sickness? Here is how you can beat it and enjoy the journey

You can use some tips to avoid travel sickness and enjoy your journey.

Every person is very fond of travelling. But often during the journey, problems like vomiting, nervousness, dizziness and headaches spoil the fun of travelling. This problem is called travel sickness. Many times during the journey, you have not only a few hours but also three-four days of dizziness, nervousness, nausea or vomiting, which is called Travel Sickness Symptoms.

If you too are afraid to travel just because you vomit during the journey. So now you do not need to panic about it at all. We often feel like vomiting during the journey which is called Travel Sickness Symptoms. Keep in mind that motion sickness is not a disease but it is a condition when our brain receives different signals from the inner ear, eyes and skin. In this, the central nervous system gets confused. But if you walk with some caution, then it is very easy to get rid of motion sickness. Motion sickness is also genetic, that means if your parents have motion sickness then you are also more likely to develop it.

According to Best Health magazine, 90 per cent of adults are affected by motion sickness and children between the ages of 2 and 12 are most likely to feel ill during travel. During travel, we are exposed to a whole new range of bugs, parasites, and foreign environments. This happens due to repeated movements, moving up or down, confusing the nervous system. The eye sends different signals to the brain as compared to what the ear interprets. This confusion can make you unwell and throw up. Scientifically, this is known as Kinetosis.

Fortunately, the condition is preventable. Below, we look at ways to prevent motion sickness before it sets in.

1. Do not travel empty stomach: Always eat something and travel. It is a myth in people that travelling on an empty stomach will not cause vomiting, but it is absolutely wrong. But this also does not mean that you take a very heavy diet. Take out a light and healthy diet from home. Researchers have found that people who travel on an empty stomach have been exposed to more travel sickness. Also, avoid eating fried items.

2. If you experience vomiting, dizziness or panic while travelling in a car or bus, never sit on the back seat. Travel sickness is the highest seat for the rear seat of a vehicle, so always travel in the middle or front seat only.

3. Do not read books: Do not read a book at all if you have a vomiting problem during the journey. This gives the wrong message to your brain.

4. Travel sickness medication: Take the tablets at least half an hour before leaving and the tablets will stop you from feeling ill once the journey begins. It’s too late to take them once you start to feel ill because they won’t work.

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5. Fresh Air: If you are having a lot of trouble, then open the glass of the car window and sit facing outwards. You will feel better by getting fresh air.

6. Try these items: You may get relief from the use of cola drink, ginger, mint, candy, chewing gum, etc. in the event of feeling nauseous or dizzy during the journey.

7. Avoid these: Always avoid reading and writing while travelling. Also, look as straight as you can. People who see more outside the window often get more nervous.

8. Use this: Lemon contains citric acid which relieves gas, vomiting. Drinking lemon water and cold drinks do not cause motion sickness.

9. Tulsi leaves: Tulsi leaves are also an effective home remedy to prevent vomiting. Whenever you get out of the house for a long journey, keep some basil leaf in the bag with you. When you feel like vomiting, take basil leaf immediately. This will give you relief very soon. If you want, you can also take basil juice and carry it with you.

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