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Liquor should be delivered online in Delhi: Lawyer Simran Kohli files petition 

Should liquor be delivered online in Delhi? Can it help government

The opening of Liquor shops in Delhi created law and order situation due to long queues, rush and huge gathering of people outside the liquor shops showing little care for social distancing norms .
The violation of social distancing norms have opened the possibility of a greater spread of coronavirus, therefore, Petitioner Sajag Nijhawan through Advocate Simran Kohli filed PIL on 6.05.20 Seeking inter alia judicial order directing the Govt. Of NCT Delhi to take appropriate measures to maintain the social distancing norms.
This Petition is likely to be listed on 11.05.20 before the High Court of Delhi.
Petitioner do not seek the closing of these shops considering the burden on the Govt. of NCT of Delhi  to deal with major revenue dip But a better policy to find a fine balance between revenue generation and social distancing.

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Petitioner suggests that government could explore the option of online delivery of liquor like the one which has been adopted by Chhatisgarh Govt. or token sytem which would proved to be an effective system of crowd management.
Shutting of liquor will lead to proliferation of spurious liquor and loss of revenue. Therefore, total ban will be counter productive.
Therefore, govt should mull over different policies/ adopt new technological ideas  to deal with the present situation efficiently.

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