How to Ace the game of ‘No -Shave November’?

Simple hacks to ace the game of No-Shave November

Have you also taken part in No-Shave November this year? Yes, every year men celebrate No- shave November all across the globe. But do you know why it is celebrated?  Here is why we celebrate this campaign & how you can ace the game of No-Shave November.

It’s that time of the year when you have put down your razors, trimmers, and scissors on rest for a month and grow your beard for cancer prevention. The motive of “No Shave November” is to spread awareness by embracing men’s facial hair which cancer patient lose while getting the therapy.

The rule is to simply cut your shaving expenses for a month and donate them to the cause. But yes, grooming is not forbidden so you can use amazing beard-specific cosmetics available for beard grooming. We are going to suggest you some amazing hacks that will help you maintain your proud beard in a hygienic and aesthetic manner.

1. Use beard specific products

Before you go for a month-long break from trimming or shaving your beard, keep all your hair enhancers and products ready and planned. Choose your products wisely that will keep your beard free from itchiness and smell. Shampoo, Oil, Moisturizer, and conditioner will keep your beard hygienic.

2. Start the campaign with a clean-shaven look

You might think that this idea is crazy, but trust us sometimes change in look is necessary. Book an appointment with your barber and get yourself a clean shave. A clean shave actually reduces the risk of ingrown hairs, which will make your initial hair growth more comfortable.

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3. Know why you are doing this

Many of us go with the trend and don’t get a cut because we just want to go with the flow. Sporting the beard for a month is a tough ask but before you decide to break your pledge remember, you are contributing to a greater cause. Talk to people around about it, you never know, you might inspire someone.

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