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Do’s and Don’ts of visiting malls, restaurants and others

Must go through these guidelines if you are planning to visit restaurant, mall, places of worship or hotel

After almost 70 days, malls, restaurants, hotels and places of worship are ready to re-open from 8th June in non-containment zones amid the rising trend of coronavirus numbers. People who are vulnerable like elderly and immuno-compromised individuals are asked to stay at home as much as they can.
Buildings are advised to keep air conditioner with temperature between 24 degree celsius and 30 degree celsius, and humidity between 40 per cent to 70 per cent. They are also advised to do thermal screening and maintain hand hygiene.


  1. People with Covid-19 symptoms will not be allowed.
  2. Buildings are advised to keep separate entry and exit points.
  3. Employees should be encouraged to stagger lunch breaks and office hours.


  1. Shopping malls authorities are advised to keep enough manpower to ensure social          distancing norms.
  2. Individuals are advised to use alternate steps on escalators.
  3. 50 per cent occupancy should be maintained in food courts.
  4. Numbers of customers should me minimum in the shops of malls.
  5. Cinema halls, children playing areas, gaming section should be closed until further notice.

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Places of worship

  1. Touching of idols, statues, holy books will not be allowed.
  2. Individuals should bring their own mats.
  3. Visitors will have to keep their shoes in their own vehicles.
  4. No physical offering, ‘Prasaad’, or holy water will be allowed in the premises.
  5. Singing groups or Choirs are not allowed. Instead recorded music should be played if required.
  6. Physical contact should be at minimum while greeting each other.


  1. Attendance of only 50 per cent of the total capacity in a restaurant is necessary.
  2. Individuals are encouraged to use takeaways facility rather than dine-in.
  3. Mask is a must in restaurants
  4. People are encouraged to use digital payments rather than cash transactions.
  5. Paper napkins and disposable menus are advised and the table should be sanitized after each use
  6. In cases of home delivery, delivery persons are advised to keep the food at door rather than handing it over directly to the person who ordered.


  1. Luggage must be disinfected before it is sent to rooms.
  2. Hotels administrators are advised to take medical condition, travel history, ID, and self-declaration form from the guests.
  3. Hotels are also advised to keep a contactless system as an option for check-in and check-out.

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