‘Unstoppable. Relentless. Invincible’: Fitness Mantra Of Mini Mathur

Mini Mathur, the TV host, shares her unwavering dedication to fitness, shedding light on her mantra for staying motivated and embracing the potential of the ageing body.

Mini Mathur Is In Unstoppable Fitness Journey: Shedding Kilos, Gaining Strength, and Embracing Age with ‘Unstoppable. Relentless. Invincible.’ mantra

Trust Mini Mathur for her unwavering dedication to her fitness routine. The television host recently showcased her commitment to staying fit, even on a lazy weekend morning. She shared her motivating mantra, stating, “Unstoppable. Relentless. Invincible.” While these affirmations sound great on paper, Mathur emphasized that to drag oneself out of bed on a rainy Sunday morning to hit the gym requires unwavering determination and a deep commitment to one’s own body.

According to Mathur, the human body possesses incredible potential, even as it ages. She acknowledged that her body may not be as young as her mind or personality, but she’s determined not to give up before exploring its untapped potential fully. In a video posted on Instagram, she showcased her high-intensity interval training routine, proving that age is just a number.

Mathur also emphasized the importance of women making positive changes in their lives, whether it pertains to fitness, wellness, or travel. She encouraged women in their 40s and 50s to take action and make the most of life, stating, “Get up. Let’s go.”

Fitness Journey Of Mini Mathur 

Mini Mathur has become adept at her fitness journey, and she recently revealed that she shed four kilos of fat while gaining one kilogram of muscle. She also highlighted the significance of managing stress levels (cortisol) and maintaining a high happiness quotient (dopamine). She wished she had known a decade ago what she now understands about her body, emphasizing that there’s no need to surrender to the effects of ageing or hormonal changes. Mathur encouraged others to embrace a self-care phase, which can potentially reverse any setbacks.

Mini Mathur’s fitness journey began when she encountered metabolic changes in her body, leading her to make lifestyle changes. She shared that staying fit used to be effortless for her – she could indulge in food and maintain a workout routine without a second thought. However, the challenges of ageing, particularly in her 40s and 50s, brought about metabolic shifts that required her to be proactive. She recognized that staying fit was not solely about being thin but also about achieving strength.

Her goal is simple: 

She envisions skiing, diving, and hiking at the age of 70, and even outrunning her son. Mathur has turned on her “fight mode” to attain the fittest body she’s had since becoming a mom several years ago.

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