How to ace Sunday routine for a sorted upcoming week?

“A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content”

Don’t you think Sunday should come with a pause button? It always seems like a week goes by in a blink and Sunday in a second. Sunday’s should be incredibly useful but they are the highly underutilized day for many. To have a productive week it is very important to plan the upcoming week in advance. A consistent Sunday ritual does wonders for the week to follow.

Plan your week in advance to set up for a super productive week. Here are all deets that you can note down.

1. Give yourself rest

Your whole week must have been very tiring and exhausting. Sunday is the day to recharge yourself. Say no to any official work on Sunday. Give yourself little extra care. And live the day with your pyjamas on.

2. Warm water bath

Stress can get your muscles to tighten up. The best way you can heal them up is by taking a relaxing warm water bath. Warm water also helps you to ‘reboot’ your system and ‘reset’ your mind.

3. Get some Sleep

If you were unable to catch up on your sleep, then the weekend is the best time to do it. But do not invest much of your time in sleep because the longer you sleep, the less you are going to get the things done and will later procrastinate to Monday. That’s one of the reasons Monday gets such a “Bad Rap”.

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4. Plan for Monday

Being prepared is a great way to create calm. Preparing beforehand for the next day will make your task much easier and you will be aware of what to do next. It will not only help you to be organized but will also hit your Monday blues.

5. Prepare some snack for the week

The upcoming week is going to be super busy. So keep yourself hydrated in those mundane days. Cut up fruits, veggies or prepare some salads which will serve as a saviour to you when you are too busy or broke to go out and feed yourself.

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