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Streetwear Fashion: 5 top trends to watch out for this season

Explore the streets with confidence in oversized comfort, bold short-shorts, chic layering, casual-core ease, and iconic Air Jordans. Own your style!

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 1: Coming Back with Bigger Fashion: Cool and Trendy

The oversize returns this season, as seen above, is not simply ‘oversize’ but oversize over and beyond, over-oversize style. Brands such as Vetements are spearheading this process with a view of converting runway extravagance and making it friendly for streetwear. Say goodbye to fitted wear and embrace oversized coats, bulky hoodies, and thick sweaters. Not only does this trend break fashion boundaries, but it also enables one person to be less stuffy.

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2: Short-Shorts: Embrace the Briefness

Designers such as Hedmayner and Givenchy, Kenzo among others have stolen the spotlight from Troye Sivan and short-shorts have taken their place. The little wonder is rocking the world style with daring cuts and bold dressing. It is just about being sure of yourself while projecting who you are but with so much flair. It is time to talk this fall, let your legs do it.

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3: Layering for Style and Comfort

In winter style lovers who believe that “You can never have enough” will try to find interesting options from balaclavas to skirts, shawls, or any others. The layer explosion street wears shows that layering is not only the practical way to be warm but the style too; therefore, they go hand in hand.

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4: Effortless style is king in casual-core/normcore.

Those were days when dressing well to impress everybody was common. Normcore and casual-core, the emergence of casual grace. It is leading companies such as Birkenstock and New Balance that espouse comfortable and responsive designs. What is it about looking so unkempt but in fact, exuding an effortlessly elegant style? Style is cooler than effort this season.

  1. Every Sneakerhead Must-Haves: Put on some Air Jordans

Streetwear aficionados’ preferred shoe of choice is still Air Jordans. Air Jordans are a great option if you’re a sneakerhead or just want comfortable, stylish footwear. Air Jordans elevate any urban ensemble with their classic styles and strong connection to street culture. If you haven’t already, it’s time to put on your Jordans and hit the streets in style. 

On the streets, self-expression and creativity thrive as these five streetwear trends take centre stage. Individuality is unrestricted as the streets transform into the ultimate fashion runway, with people slouching in baggy clothing and strutting bold shorts.

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