Saint Laurent’s Autumn Elegance Takes Center Stage at Paris Fashion Week

Saint Laurent redefines autumn fashion at Paris Fashion Week with jumpsuits and elegance. Kering-owned label wows in earthy hues.

Paris Fashion Week Stuns with Earthy-Toned Jumpsuits and Elegance


In a spectacular display of autumn-inspired fashion, Saint Laurent, under the creative direction of Anthony Vaccarello, wowed audiences at Paris Fashion Week. The Kering-owned luxury brand embraced a rich palette of earthy hues, including beige, olive, purple, and rustic brown, redefining the jumpsuit style for the season.

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Chic Jumpsuits and More

The runway came alive with khaki bustier jumpsuits and cargo pants, seamlessly integrated into a glamorous collection featuring sheer tops, T-backed mini-dresses, and flowing ruffled chiffon creations. It was a captivating blend of utility and sophistication, with each piece exuding an air of effortless elegance.

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A Shift in Venue

Saint Laurent chose a new venue for its evening runway show, opting for the left bank of the Seine River, providing a breathtaking backdrop of the iconic Eiffel Tower from an unusual angle. The audience was seated in a striking setting with marble walls and bathed in the rotating light beams of the iconic monument, adding a touch of mystique to the event.

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Models and Accessories

Models strutted confidently in towering sling-back heels, showcasing pencil skirts and roomy-legged trousers, impeccably cinched at the waist. These were paired with open-backed bodysuits, and silk blouses, and accessorised with sunglasses, aviation hats, and natural leather belts, completing the quintessential Saint Laurent look.

Paris Fashion Week’s Star Attraction

Saint Laurent’s show marked the highlight of  the second day of Paris Fashion Week, which has drawn fashion enthusiasts and celebrity admirers to the enchanting streets of the French capital. The event promises more fashion delights as it continues until October 3, featuring an array of luxury labels, including Hermes, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton.

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Saint Laurent’s autumn-inspired collection at Paris Fashion Week was a harmonious fusion of utility and sophistication. With a stunning backdrop, chic jumpsuits, and elegant accessories, the brand set a high standard for the fashion extravaganza that is Paris Fashion Week. Fashion enthusiasts can look forward to more exciting showcases from other prestigious labels in the days to come.

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