Love, Romance and Intimacy in the era of COVID 19 

How pandemic has impacted marriages and love relationship? Here are inputs by expert

The outbreak of COVID 19 has changed our lifestyle. From our working style to our dating norms, we are still figuring out where we are actually heading. It has impacted every sphere of our live including our love relationship. A lot of people were supposed to get married this year, but sudden outbreak of this pandemic has made things uncertain.

While some have put their decision of getting married on hold, some have taken out unique ways to get married.

According to experts, the pandemic has changed relationships and intimacy in ways we have never seen before. Things that we used to take for granted are luxury these days such as handshakes, hugs and kisses. Distance and Isolation has disrupted intimacy and togetherness.

How couples are responding?

Some found this time precious and spent a lot of time with their loved ones. Due to busy schedule couples often don’t get time to spend time together. On the other hand, too much time together is taking a toll on happy relationships. People are fighting on petty issues which lead to communication gap.

To understand the scenario better, we got in touch with Dr. Nisha Khanna, a celebrity Psychologist and EQ Coach.

Here are a few things that we asked her, take a look:

How marriages have been impacted by lockdown? 

Marriages where couple having healthy relationship but lesser time to spend together, covid times made their relationship stronger but where couples already having issues or high incompatibility, relationship got worst.

How dating will change for singles?

For singles, it was a time to introspect n retrospect whether they want to think of to be in relationship or they are happy in their life, the way it is. It will change for sure. Meeting new people will become a challenge due to chaos and fear. You never know. Anyone could be asymptomatic, we have also seen sharp increase in number of asymptomatic cases.

Can we say lockdown will take a toll on marriages?

Spending 1-2 hours time together as a couple in a day is good enough for healthy marriage and 24*7 with each other actually for a week can be tolerated easily, but for months together spoil the marriages as people crib, nag, complain, control expect too much when they spend time together as a couple.

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We also tried to get in touch with some of the couples and here are the reactions: 

“Me and my husband lives in Delhi. Before the lockdown was announced, he decided to visit his parents in Pune. Since then, he is stuck there and here I am all alone. This made me realise how important he is to me. Video calls are the saviour. Lockdown has brought us closer and we have learnt some important life lessons too”, says Swastika, 29

“It’s been months I have not hugged her. I am missing after work dates, random dinner plans, all we do is video calls. She stays with her parents, so time is also fixed. Lockdown is too harsh on our relationship”, says Raman Sharma, 28 who has not met his girlfriend from last 2 months.

“We both used to spend time only on weekends. Staying together 24*7 is really draining. We fight a lot. Sometimes we don’t talk for days. Paas ho kar bhi door ho gye hai”, says Karan Sharma, 32.

Online, the future of dating 

It is the new normal. Meeting people will become a big deal. Online dating and virtual meetings will take over. Even if there would be a medicine available, the fear of getting infected will not go. People will use more and more online dating apps to stay connected.

Grand celebrations will automatically become small gatherings

There are instructions that only 50 guests would be allowed. In that case, grand Indian weddings will become small gatherings. Only near and dear ones will make it to the guest list. In the coming years too marriages will see a drastic change when it comes wedding rituals in India.

Video Calls are a boon for couples who are not staying together

Married or unmarried, these days video calls have become savior for the couples who are not staying together. This is the only way to see each other. Thanks to technology for being kind on couples.

Well, as they say – This shall pass too! In that case, all you need is patient. If you are together try to make best of it, and if not stay connected. Let each other know that you are there. Make best use of the technology. 

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