Being Single is Freedom but Relationships could be Fun! What to Choose?

Haq Se Single ya Haq Se Committed: Peace is Priority, here are Pros & Cons of Being Single

Sometimes in a person’s life, one wonders whether it is better to live single or be in a relationship. Being single involves freedom and fun, while being in a relationship seems more mature as it provides stability and the ability to start a family.

One does not value and wants what he does not have! The same goes for relationships. When you’re single, you crave a relationship; when you are in a relationship, you notice all the perks of being single.

Here are the pros and cons of being single to make you realize what people often paint about singlehood as the best days of our life or the absolute worst?

Being Single
Being Single


PROS: When you are single, you have the perfect opportunity to focus on your work, your education, and exploring your talent and yourself. This is the time to explore new and healthy hobbies and experience every bit of life possible. You can do whatever you want as you don’t have to give time to anyone. So, this is a great advantage of being single as there is much less stress on you.

CONS: Giant gaps in the schedule are not always spent as productively as they should be. The disadvantage of being single is that since you have much more time, many people usually end up falling for bad habits like porn, drugs, and alcohol. If not used properly, the time you have by being single can also harm you.


PROS: When you are single, your spending is much less, and you spend totally on yourself. You don’t have to buy gifts or spend on dates or vacations. So, you have many savings which you can use to party with friends.

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CONS: Let’s face it – you have more money to play with when you are in a relationship! More money for vacations. More money for dates, more money for anything that you might not be able to do when you’re only living on one income, but you don’t have any partner to hang out with, indicating you are lonely.


PROS: Life is far less stressful when one is single. All the people in a relationship will understand the different types of stress like money management to spend time looking good, planning dates, buying gifts, fights and long arguments are such a drain of energy.

CONS: You are free from such mental stress. However, you won’t believe that researchers have proved that men and women in a relationship are much happier than a single person because slowly, they get pros in stress management.



PROS: You are a free bird when you are single. You can do what you want when you want it. Whatever things you like to do, what you want to wear, night out with friends, meeting new people. You don’t need to take the needs or desires of your partner. Therefore, you don’t feel tied down and can do what you want.


There is no con as a single man/woman enjoys more freedom compared to a man or woman in the relationship. However, people in a relationship have less freedom. Freedom is one of the most significant advantages when a person is single. You get to be a free spirit.

Some people fear a relationship because they have heard the wrong things or experienced a terrible relationship. Although being single is somewhat enjoyable to a certain point in life.

Both sides have advantages and disadvantages, but it depends on how we want our life to be. As much fun as being single, having a particular person can be fun too. Furthermore, as much as you hate being alone, don’t try to rush into anything or force it. Just go with the flow and let it happen, but most of all, be you and have fun!

Edited By Ayushi Mittal

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