Keep Monday Blues at bay by doing these 8 things!

#MondayBlues: 7 things that can make Monday a Fun day


  • How to keep Monday Blues at Bay?
  • 7 Things that you should instantly do?
Mondays are hard because of the change in lifestyle and attitude that happens over the weekend. Getting out of the party mode becomes difficult but you have to go to the office, right?  After the weekend, it becomes really hard to get back to work. A lot of people feel lethargic on Monday and of course Monday blues hit us hard. Here are 8 things that you can do to keep the Monday blues at bay.

1. Try to get enough sleep on Sunday

Okay! You had plans and you were out with your friends. But you should try not to compromise with your sleep. If you will take ample amount of sleep, you will be able to keep Monday blues at bay. One should not compromise on sleep during the weekend. A good amount of sleep will help you deal with Monday in a much better way.

2. Don’t forget your breakfast  

Treat yourself with something special. Have a healthy and light breakfast to keep Monday blues at bay. One should never miss their breakfast. According to health experts, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In that case, it should not be missed, especially on a Monday.  It keeps your energy levels high and helps you deal with khooni Monday.

Check out easy breakfast ideas here: 

Good Music for Good Mood

Hear music to keep your mood light. Listen to your favorite RJ or your favorite songs on the way to work. This will soothe your mind and will increase your productivity. It is the best way to boost your productivity.

Wear something special or try bright colors

Wear something special on Monday. Make sure your outfit, hair, makeup everything should be on point. Feel good from inside and you will be able to keep Monday blues at bay. When you feel good about yourself, you do not feel lethargic at work. To make your Monday productive, you should always pick bright colors as it will instantly boost your mood.

Keep your work schedule light

Monday is the first day of the week and we all try to get out of the fun of Sunday, right? So it is  better to keep your work schedule light on Monday for better productivity. Do not work on tight schedules. Break your work into small assignments and take them up one by one. Keep a checklist handy and prioritize the tasks. Start with the most important task in the morning.

Before starting your day have a conversation with your co-workers 

Don’t just go and sit on your workstation.  Before starting your day, talk to your co-workers. Ask them about their weekend. Get indulge in a light conversation and then start working. It is a great way to start off a new week.  Every week brings new energy and new beginnings, it is important to start it on a happy note.

Don’t forget to take small breaks

Taking regular breaks will help you in boosting your productivity. Breaks will keep you focused and will keep Monday Blues at bay. Experts believe that you should not be hard on yourself on Monday. Try to keep it light by taking small breaks.

Be Grateful

As you are entering a new week. Be grateful for everything around you. Being grateful for things that you have helps you attract good things. The feeling of gratefulness makes you productive.

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